New to Gucci - need help finding an authentic one

  1. Hi everyone! I'm usually more of an LV type of girl, but i've been wanting the gucci signature print horsebit hobo for the longest time. Now sure if i got the name right, but that's what i think it's called. Anyways, can someone help me find an authentic one? I'm looking for either a medium or large sized one. I see a ton on eBay, but I feel like i would just clutter up the authenticating tread because i know almost nothing about gucci bags! Please help! Even online second-hand shop links would be great. I just don't know where to start! :shrugs:

  2. I would not suggest you purchasing from eBay. I think you're better off just getting an authentic gucci "chain" from the website. Its better for your piece of mind and also so you dont end up spending a grip on a bag you bought from eBay that may be fake anyways. That particular bag is a classic so I think you will get your money worth no matter how you slice it. Good luck! I am saving to purchase the gucci chain large in black fabric!
  3. hi
    i am looking for the same bag and have hunted on e-bay,consignment,etc. i agree the best bet is to buy from gucci.i have seen the prices on e-bay and 2nd hand shops and the real ones go very high.why not get a new,true gucci bag from gucci or other high end store that carries gucci.remember guarantee,repair ,return and authentic when you puchase from gucci.