New to GRYSON..which bag looks better and which do you like more?


Which bag do you like better?

  1. I like the tall Gryson Heidi Tote more

  2. I like the smaller Gryson Sophie Satchel more

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  1. Regardless of whether or not you need to carry a lot of stuff or not, which bag do you think LOOKS better?

    Any thoughts are appreciated! TIA!:rolleyes:
    NMV012Z_an.jpg ec56_1.JPG
  2. I voted for the Sophie satchel. The other one is okay, but I'm a satchel kind of girl : )
  3. I like the Heidi but hear that it is heavy and hard to use (search the forum). Also that it sold for very cheap, e.g., $199, at Nordstrom's Rack, etc.
  4. Smaller bag. I think smaller bags in most cases always look better and more stylish but big bags are great cram bags.
  5. I like size and shape of Sophie better
  6. voted for sophie
    it's SO much more cuter than the other one
  7. My vote's for the Sophie
  8. i like the proportional of the heidi tote more
  9. I love them both.

    But if I HAD to choose I would go with the satchel. I am a total satchel girl!!
  10. I really prefer the Sophie even though I usually can't do satchels, but
    if you can I think the Sophie is the prettier bag.
  11. Ok, I got the SOPHIE! YAY! :wlae::yahoo::upsidedown::choochoo: Will post pics soon!
  12. congrats!
  13. Just wanted to chime in that I prefer the look of Sophie. But you already bought it - can't wait to see pics! :yahoo:
  14. Like the look of the sophie better