New To Goyard

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  1. You're welcome! :flowers:
  2. This is so good for me to hear. I am new to Goyard. Never have I seen or touched one. I am planning to order one preloved. I have two LV Neverfull bags and I am very happy with them but I think it is time to invest somewhere else (too many Balenciaga bags and LV ones). So I was wondering about the canvas, I have made a thread actually on it. It looks rather think in the pics but if you say it is durable, I will take your word for it and go ahead with the purchase. The handles definitely look much more durable than those of the LV NF.
  3. I am about to purchase the St. Louis tote but I have a question - does the St. Louis tote crumples easily? Especially when the tote is not filled and hence not standing upright, I imagine the tote collapses - does the tote gets crumply marks all over?

    TIA! :smile:
  4. when I picked it up at Barneys the canvas was pretty thick and sturdy but from the ones people use, it seems the canvas softens overtime and will collapse a little bit.
  5. Finally I am not getting it. It really looks plasticy and very thin from the pictures that I saw. Another thing I don't appreciate is that it has no pocket inside or clasp to close it in anyway so it is open to the crowd. This little purse inside is cute but rather small. Ah, back to Neverfulls I guess.