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  1. Thank you. Did you order a bag from one of them?
    Can I order a personalised initial?
  2. you can order a bag from them....BUT I was told by all the SAs that I cannot personalise it. However there are many members who said that personalisation can be done. So I wasnt sure and decided at the end not ordering. I might one day go to London and I want to enjoy the whole purchase process. No point ordering Goyard if I can't personalise it.
  3. Thank you

    Price from London is ...
    Saint Louis PM UK860
    Saint Louis GM UK980

    Shipping: £95

    And this is a message from London Boutique about Personalization

    (Unfortunately we are not able to provide the customization service for email orders, as this is a service only available in store.)
  4. I recently just emailed Paris inquiring the price of a bag and they took about 6 days before they replied to me. They attached an order form to my response, I could send it to you if you'd like?
  5. Thank you so much for your response but it is not necessary now. I *finally* got a response from an SA this morning, with the email address.

    I had no luck with the email though, I'm assuming that must have been the issue all this time. *shrug* I am happy that I got a response and I also received the form you have mentioned as an attachment.
  6. i heard that hot pink color came out in asia only.
    does anybody know about this ???? Is this true?? i never saw that color.
  7. I
    'll have to respectfully disagree with you. I find just the opposite to be true. My Goyard St Louis hold up perfectly and I would not compare them to any LV I own. I add a lot of heavy items and you would never knew, they look brand new. The LV bags on the other hand show a lot of wear even when they have hardly had fair share of love:P
  8. Everybody has their own taste and preferences but I second PinkSuedeSoho, my St. Louis has been exposed to rain, placed on the floor, carries my heavy things and sometimes used ever single day for weeks, but yeah it still looks new and every time I glance on her I just sigh at how beautiful she is even if I had her for more than a year already. Goyards are beauties! :smile:
  9. Oh thats good to know. I am interested to invest in a Goyard bag now lol.:smile:
  10. May I know how much is the St Louis PM in Paris?
  11. €700 for the historical tones (black/black, black/tan and red) and €910 for the special colors. VAT included. (:
  12. Thanks for the info! How about the MM or GM?:smile:
  13. There is no MM, but the GM is €800 for the historical tones and €1040 for the special colors. :smile:
  14. Ahh I see...Double thanks for the info!:smile: