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  1. I ordered my first Goyard on Tuesday. I am getting the St. Louis in the new grey color. I can not wait to get it. Salesperson said I should have it no later than last week in February.
  2. Congrats!
  3. Congrats! Can't wait to see it.:smile:
  4. Hi all-

    New to the posting, but not the form. I have a St Louis PM I got for Christmas while I was back in the US. Now I'm in love with the Marquis....I currently live in Singapore, and I know the new store will be a mad house once it opens. I've seen on here that I can still contact the Paris store to order one, but I can't find the thread. Anyone know what i need to look for?

    Thank you for the help!:smile:
  5. Congrats!! I haven't gotten a new Goyard for a year already, even more so now because I am saving for a baby. Can only satisfy my 'itch' by reading all your buys! Congrats!!! Grey is a beautiful colour!
  6. Do any of you girls know the name of this pink colored goyard? They don't sell goyard around me so I can't go to the store and ask :sad: [​IMG]
  7. I had one in light pink which was bought some years ago but it was only available for a certain period of time. Sorry, not familiar with this shade of pink.
    Didn't know they had it in this color.

  8. Hi All,

    I came across a posting that mentioned we could order Goyard via phone/email from Paris or the UK. Does anyone know the contact information?

  9. Where did you order yours? I ordered mine too, but she said May.
  10. I believe is the email for the Paris maison.:smile:
  11. Thank you very much! :smile:

    Is there some sort of form I need to fill out or can I just be blunt and ask them directly for prices?
  12. I think you can be blunt...its an email after all.:smile:
  13. Does anyone else have trouble getting any response from Goyard Paris via Email?

    I tried emailing them a few months back regarding repairs, then this week regarding the purchase of a st. louis PM. It's always that particular location that I get no response from. Is there a magic phrase I have to use? I don't speak french, is that a problem? At this rate why do I feel like I have get on my knees and beg to be able to buy a product from them? Might as well take my money to the local LV store. (Sorry, I'm feeling very frustrated with that Goyard paris and I wanted to vent a little).
  14. Can I have their email address please?
    So, I can order a Saint Louis PM:smile:
  15. These are the last ones that I have used: - Goyard US at SF - Robert- Francis Moir at London - Florent Zanuto - Maison Goyard- Paris