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  1. Ooo...thats a good choice...i dont rlli like the st louis because the canvas is very thin and flimsy...worse than the LV Neverfull which has more durable canvas and the shop in singapore will have customers no matter how inflated it is!:smile:

  2. I have to say I disagree with your statement:smile: Yes, the canvas is thin, but the durability and quality is by far, superior to LV by a long shot. I've never encountered any issues that I've read about on here, EVER.

    I do wonder why people think that the St. Louis is perhaps not top notch quality or not as good as LV. I guess much of it is due to not owning, and a lot of hear say. Regardless, owning any piece from Goyard is an experience in itself. Good luck on whatever you end up with, and more importantly ENJOY!​
  3. There will be buyers, the mere thrill of walking out of the boutique with a Goyard paperbag is exhilarating enough :biggrin:
  4. Hmm..that maybe true!:smile:
  5. is!~:smile:
  6. I was just at Paris! the paper bag they provide for st Louis is now half the size!! it's thin n longish now! I guess they are trying to save cost :P
  7. u mind showing us?:smile:
  8. oh i didnt buy a st louis i had a big paper bag though lol.
  9. Ooops...haha..sorry
  10. lucky enough to have a goyard store about 50 minutes away (SF), thinking about grabbing a travel bag ;)
  11. lucky! Thank god I am going to HK in Feb and they have a Goyard store...thinking of getting a Goyard...they have great travel bags.:smile:
  12. I had a St Louis in pink and sold it due to color transfer and straps cracking :sad:Replaced it with a Sac Hardy in red instead and I have been happy with it. It's a good travel bag. You might want to consider this style too. Glad that the HK boutique reopened. I was their last client before it closed last 2009. Hope you find a style that will suit you. :smile:
  13. Yeah...i think there is a Goyard in HK because their store locator said want a St. Louis but i don't know...I have other options like Celine, LV, Burberry and stuff so I am keeping my options open...decisions decision..
  14. yup there is a boutique in HK, Taipei and shanghai! I personally like goyard but st Louis isn't my cup of tea so make a good decision :smile:
  15. I don't know...i never liked the LV Neverfull but Goyard St. Louis doesn't seem that bad. It has very good rivals to beat in my decision making lol...:smile:
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