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  1. Hi Goyard lovers! I am very new to Goyard as I only discovered the brand not too long ago this year. I live in Asia and there is no Goyard here but i travel frequently to the states and there are Goyard stores there. How much do Goyard bags cost? Any design? I also want to know the price-range of their wallets as well! Thanks:smile:
  2. Hi Ujili, where in Asia do u live??? There are Goyard stores in Asia. HK, Japan and soon to open in Taiwan and Singapore.
  3. I live in Burma but i constantly travel to Singapore as I have a house there. When is Goyard opening in sg? Wouldn't it be more expensive than Europe and the US since designer stuff are more expensive in Asia.
  4. ujili - Paris and London actually delivers to anywhere you live and I believe it would be more expensive to buy in Singapore when it opens. I have not bought anything directly from them as I also live in Asia because they are unable to personalise it via phone/email order.

    PM me if you want their contact.

  5. Ahhh Burma nice place!
    Singapore store is to open in 2013.
    Yup you are right it's generally more exp in Asia. Paris is by far the cheapest to purchase goyard.
  6. I also travel to the States frequently as I have 2 sisters studying there and they have Goyard in New York and Boston Barney's so I am thinking of finding one. been here? Do you know its gonna open in Sg? MBS or ION? I know..PARIS AND MILAN and london are like the cheapest place to purchase brands since they come from there! and you get loads of tax refund!:smile:
  7. it's gonna open in Takashimaya!
    yup yup been to both Paris and London stores. Paris is currently cheaper due to the weak euro dollar.
    it's a love hate r/s going Goyard stores hahaha I simply spend too much in there :/
  8. oh really? near LV and Chanel? I haven't invested in Goyard so im excited!:smile:
  9. currently no idea where in taka.
    haha go get one!
  10. I shall!:smile:
  11. Paris is actually the best place to buy Goyard, price-wise. I am heading off to their shop next month! I am excited!
  12. I KNOW!!! EUROPE IS THE BEST TO BUY EVERYTHING I SWEAR....envy you!! :smile:
  13. Agree with you Ujili! They may be expensive but you are assured of the quality too. This is why I am saving all my shopping $$$ for Europe! I already have a couple of requests for Goyard! I don't mind it as I enjoy the hunt! :smile:
  14. i know!!!!
  15. I am a Goyard virgin. It took me quite a while before I fell in love with it.

    I am heading to Paris next month and I intend to buy a Sac Hardy tote as my first Goyard. A lot of people are crazy about the St Louis while I find the Sac Hardy tote is a better purchase due to its design and practicality.

    Undeniably, I am anticipating the launch of the Goyard store in Singapore but I doubt I will buy anything from there. Perhaps just to adore the bags. Hehehe.
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