New to Goyard and Have Question about the St. Louis GM

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  1. Hi! I made my first Goyard purchase today- a red St. Louis GM. I chose it to be my new weekend/mommy/travel bag but I would love to add work bag to that list. The problem is that I carry my laptop constantly during the work week and often when I travel to. I have a 13 inch macbook pro. Do you guys think it would be ok if I carried that laptop in my new bag? It would definitely be the heaviest thing in there by far and I would never overstuff the bag. I just want to make sure it won't come tearing through the bottom one day, permanently alter the shape of the bag, ruin the handles or cause any other damage to it. I asked in the SF boutique when I bought it and they told me it should be fine but I thought it would be best to solicit an honest opinion from people who actually carry this bag often. Thanks in advance!
  2. I have a GM too and a laptop would be fine in it. You might want to consider putting the laptop into some kind of sleeve or thin case to give it some padding, since the bag itself won't protect it from bumps or scrapes (from other things in the bag). Weight-wise it's fine.
  3. The Saint Louis can carry a lot so it should be fine. Now I don't suggest you doing it on a day to day basis not because of the bag, but because it's not really good for your back. :biggrin:
  4. I carry my 15" Macbook in my GM all the time. HOWEVER, some people have had issues with cracking at the base of the handles and think it may be from heavy items stretching the handles. I have NOT had this problem, but I know it exists.

    Congrats on your new bag!!
  5. Thanks guys, all GREAT advice!
  6. Hi guys just wnted to ask .. Does d st louis have serial no ? Or date codes inside d bag or d purse? Coz mine doesnt but i know its authentic co i bought it frm a friend .. Im just a little bit confused .. Help me on this tx in advance
  7. It does have a serial code. It should be near the pouch (either in the pouch or on the handle connecting the pouch).
  8. I just received my st louis gm directly from bergdorf's- and it doesn't have any serial no anywhere- fyi!

  9. Are you sure? Many people have assumed that their bags didn't have serial codes and it was just in a discreet spot on the pouchette strap or pouchette itself
  10. I took a look- it's not on the pouchette strap and not on the pouchette itself- if it were in the pouchette, it would be on the inside right? Is there somewhere else I should be looking? I purchased it directly from Bergdorfs (they received it straight from Goyard off a waiting list because my color was backordered) and was personalized, so I really do not question authenticity :smile: but now I"m curious, could it be somewhere else? tia!

  11. I've had two goyards and the serial number have both been located in two different areas (though it's feasible that some goyards come without). For reference this is where the code is located on my St. Louis gm


    On my St. Louis pm (which I don't have any longer so I can't take pictures) the code was located on the inside of the pouch kind of where the coated canvas and regular canvas meet. I took a picture on my current St. Louis for reference but note there is no serial number there


    Hope that helps!

    I have no doubt that your bag is real... Bg wouldn't sell a fake one!

  12. Ahhh! You are so helpful. I didn't check under the strap. I was looking for it to be more obvious, but I checked where yours was in the picture and there it was! Thank you so much, I was not liking that mine didn't have and was glad to see it was there! Thank you!!

  13. Thank u so much :smile: i saw it already ❤️ ImageUploadedByPurseForum1386839580.169691.jpg

  14. I'm glad you found it!!