New to ****** - frequent users can u help?

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I just recently learned about ******.com. I am a frequent online shopper and have never used this :shame: :shame: Really wish I would have to get some cash back.

    Anway, I just signed up and tried to navigate it and I'm a little confused and have a few questions:

    1) How does ****** credit you when you shop on a websites. I understand you can click on their website - but when you go to a retailers website THROUGH ****** - do they keep track of how much you spend automatically?
    I'm a little confused regarding the whole process.

    2) They advertise online coupon codes- however when I click on them (ie: sephora) they don't give you the actual code, just the website pops up.

    3) Is it really worth to use ******.com - how much can a pretty frequent shopper expect to get back? How often to they send you checks?
  2. 1) they have "tracking tickets" that track whether or not you purchased something. how this works is that ****** has a specific referral link and whenever someone shops the retail store through ******, the retail store knows because of the referral link. the retail store then reports the subtotal to ****** and ****** will send you an email to confirm that your rebate amount will be credited to your account.

    2) I am not sure how the coupons work but I think if you click the link through ******, the coupon might already be included in checkout. hopefully someone else can help you out because I know that info wasn't helpful, sorry.

    3) I think it's definitely worth it!! I'm not a frequent online shopper but between my two rebates site (****** and luckymag), I've gotten over $200!! for ******, they send you checks every 3 months given that you've gotten at least $5 in rebates. there's more info here...

  3. You can also have the rebates deposited directly into your Paypal account instead of getting a check sent via mail. I don't shop that much IMO and I got a $50 dollar deposit recently... It was like getting free money!

    And don't forget to help each other out, I think you get a referral bonus if a friend signs up thru you.
  4. Hi there! I'm Rebecca, the blogger for ******. Our coupon code listings sometimes show the coupon code, and sometimes just go straight to the website (our coupon guru works 3 feet away from me, so don't hesitate to ask about any confusing ones). I don't know why, but that's just how we post them.

    That's awesome that you signed up- check out the Cyber Monday promo on Monday from 11am-3pm (PST). There will be tons of Cash Back increases.


  5. how do you get ebate to deposit into paypal account? do you have to write them an email to request that?
    cheers. :yes:

  6. could you pls tell me what time it is in New Zealand time? thanks heaps!:smile:
  7. i tried to go to saks website from ******. but it kept telling me page cannot be displayed. maybe the link is not working.... can anybody check for me.... maybe it is just my internet connection?
    edit: i tried to go to other sites too, but could not get the page displayed. hm... i will try again tomorrow.
  8. Hi, love_me_purse, just wanted to let you know that the ****** link to Saks is now working.

    I LOVE ******. In fact, before I do any shopping online, I check to see if they are listed under ******. I should have my second BIG FAT CHECK (being deposited directly into Paypal) soon. Can't wait!
  9. I found ****** through tPF and it's the best. If you really think about going through ****** for all your online purchases (where possible), you can really collect a pretty penny.
  10. I've been using ****** for less than 2 months and I already got close to $200!
  11. i still cant get to saks and most website from ****** :hysteric:
  12. i have been using ****** for only about a month and I already have $218 bucks in my account! I can't wait for my first check! A lot of the shopping I do is for my between ordering from Staples and the xmas Gift baskets we sent to over 40 of our clients really helped boost my total. Anyone who does the ordering for their company should also try to remember to use ******! it IS really free money!
  13. Rebecca:

    I tried to PM you but could not. I have not gotten my Eluxury rebate even though it has been over 30 days since my purchase on Cyber Monday. I have emailed customer service twice, but have not gotten a response or any rebates for my purchase. Please help! This is strange, since I've always gotten my rebates within a few days from ******.

    PM me and I will give you my info. Thanks.

  14. Ok, finally, ****** credited the rebate for my Eluxury purchase. Keep good track of your tickets and receipts. Just wanted to let you know that ****** made good on the rebate even though it took them awhile. I am so glad I took advantage of the Cyber Monday! I got free shipping on Eluxury, plus 8% back, plus paid no tax in NY.
  15. When you have the rebates cash back go into your paypal, does paypal take out a percentage? Debating if I should go for a check or paypal.