New to Forum--some Outlet/Factory Questions...

  1. Hi everyone,
    I am brand new to this forum and have really been enjoying reading everyone's posts and advice. I am a longtime Coach shopper, but just discovered the Coach Outlet/Factory stores for the first time and have some questions that I hope you can all help me with.

    I had been eyeing some Coach Soho bags a few months back, but it seems that Coach has taken them all off the website and revamped the line a bit. A new outlet just opened recently in Round Rock, TX, so I thought I'd try it out and see if they had any of the old Coaches from a few months ago. I found two bags that I liked there (and bought them), but now I am not so sure if they are exactly what I had seen at the Coach store.

    I read some of Outlet FAQ's about how a outlet bag differs from a store one, but am still unsure b/c of what a SA at the factory store told me. It has always been my understanding that some bags are made specifically for the factory store and others are just old stock or discontinued colors from last season. I asked the SA about the two bags I was looking at and she told me that all the bags there came from the stores, but were old stock. She said nothing was made specifically for the factory store. I read on this forum that some bags have a little bullseye mark on the inside and I noticed this on some of the bags in the store. Neither bag I got has a bullseye--what does the bullseye mean? However, one of the bags, the one I suspect of being made specifically for the factory store, has an "F" as part of its style #. It was a Large Soho Flap bag ($279). The outside of the bag looked just like the one from the store a few months back, but inside, the stiching (lots of exposed seams, etc.) doesn't seem typical of other Coach bags.
    The other bag was a Hamptons Weekend Tote in Nylon/Silk and was marked down to $54 and came with a regular brown Coach dust jacket. It had no bullseye and no 'F' in the style #.

    The style number of the Soho Flap was F10192. The Hamptons Nylon Weekend Tote was 10100.

    I apologize for such a long post and really appreciate and insight and help that everyone can give me regarding these two bags and factory stores in general.... Thanks so much :yes:
  2. I didn't read your post yet but did you check out the OUTLET sticky?
  3. Hi. I did read the Outlet sticky first and still had some questions about what is in the sticky vs. what the SA at the outlet store told me. I also have some questions about the specific bags/style #'s that I mentioned in my post. Thanks very much.
  4. A lot of the Coach SAs are pretty clueless, so I would take everything they say with a grain of salt.

    Usually if the bag has a FS in front of the style number and comes with no dustbag it was made specifically for the factory store. If it will honestly bother you that the bag was from the factory store you can always call Coach's 1-800 number and they can probably locate a regular full-price version of the purse for you.
  5. Thanks for the reply Sparkle48. The SA was very nice, but didn't seem like she really knew what she was talking abour regarind the factory stores. Everyone here seems much more familiar with Coach :yes:

    I will try calling the 800 #, but don't know if the Large Soho Demi flap is still in any of the regular stores :cry: Does anyone know the style # for the Large Soho Flap. I know it was different than the style number in the factor bag. Will they know which bag I am referring to if I give the 800# the style number from the factory store?

    Thanks :yes:
  6. Bullseye just means it's from the outlet. Most outlet bags have it. Sometimes a couple don't and they usually have the regular COACH store tag too (which means it's definitely from the store). This doesn't mean however that those with the factory tags are definitely bags made for the factory. Factory store and regular store bags will have the same style #. Hope this helps.
  7. The Soho Flap seems to have a different style number than it did when it was at the regular store. It used to be something like 9247 or 9248, but the one from the factory store says "F10192."

    Thanks for all the help :yes:
  8. When I worked at Coach (a few years back) the bullseye bags were the bags made specifically for the outlet. The ones without the bullseye were from the stores. :flowers:
  9. Is that the case all the time? Cause I just got my scarf print tote and it has a bullseye on it (very light but it's there) and the price tag doesn't say factory. Plus, the outlet store manager told me that's all they have cause that's all that's given to them from the stores. They only had the scarf print stuff in time for labor day weekend and it was in limited quantities.

  10. i'm somewhat offended

    especially since you're wrong. before any bag is shipped to a factory store they always take out the dustbag, factory stores are not allowed to have them. period. and the factory people are suppose to put the bulleteye...some of them forget and if you get lucky enough to find one without it then count yourself lucky, when you go to a coach store to exchange they won't insist on a reciept and give you the MSRP or whatever initals it is. :wlae:

    what happens is once the bags are over and done with, what is left is sent to factories. that amount is often limited.

    and not all pieces are sent straight to factory. so you can't think, it's not on the floor anymore, it's at outlet!

    because sometimes they'd have to send it back to JAX for people to order, those that come back and say, "i want this bag"

    the pocket satchel in signature in large C's with gold, white, and black trim is the perfect example.

    and THEN you have the classics and special additions. this confuses the hell out of people. but with exceptions like the scarf print, most of the time you wouldn't find pieces in outlet until a year after it's been out of the floor.

    and that is to protect those who have brought it full price.

    and if you really want to pay for the bag full price, i'd rather you go to a coach store because if you want it fast, you can always sweet talk your way into getting two days, if not overnight fedex-ed, shipping for free versus talking to 1-800-coach....


    anyways since you guys seem to be interested in factory pieces.

    there is going to be hampton's carryall, in all leather, i believe teal, brown and black are the colors, in outlets around sept. october.

    they're also going to have the pleated hobos? the ones all the stars have....

    and i think i saw the zebra stripe print in gold and white.

    they might have the suede tote bags with beads down the sides? (the newer versions coming out have the beads across the top anyways)

    =/ thats all i know so far.

    as for the specially made for factory store items, if you show me i can let you know! pictures! :smile:
  11. I've gotten three bags from an outlet with the original brown dustbag inside...
  12. That's right, because that's how I got my dot demi back in April :yes:, because wasn't it a special edition from last year?

    And I've never recieved a dust bag with any of my outlet bags, and I've been buying bags from the outlets for 4 years.
  13. I'm with you Katie - 2 of the 3 things I purchased this weekend at an outlet came with a dustbag. The only thing that didn't was my id badge which they put in the special little outlet dustbag. And probably half the stuff I've gotten from outlets this year prior to that has had a dustbag.

    Not saying you are not telling the truth Ms Whitney. Just saying that either coach changed their policies or several of the outlets are ignoring those instructions.
  14. One bag I got this weekend had the brown dust jacket, the other didn't. I asked the SA if they had any other "outlet only" dust jackets or anything for the other bag, but the SA at the Round Rock outlet said they didn't have dust jackets. She said some bags they get just happen to have them in it.

  15. ;) they didn't change their policy. it's just that the person who was packaging it forgot to take it out.

    when i first started packaging bags for outlet, i never took the bags out because i didn't know. and especially if the bag was still intact (not a display or rewrap) i don't think i even bothered to open it, just throw it in the box...

    but! there are plently of coach dustbags lying around my store. i just use them when one mysteriously disappears from a display bag..or when the customer is really nice and i feel like giving them a dustbag for things that don't include it e.g. pouch or swingpack.