New to forum! Please help me decide!

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  1. Hi everyone! I am new to the forum but have always read all of your posts. Finally I have decided to join in on all your great conversations. I want to ask for your guys help in deciding on which Coach Signature Gallery Tote I should get. I know I want the black one but there is one where the trim is leather and a newer version where the trim is suede.

    What do you guys think I should get? For the leather, I am afraid it will get scratched easily and there is no way to remove it but leather is also easy to take care of and long lasting. In contrast, the suede is harder to take care of but does it look better? I don't know. I plan on keeping this purse for awhile so I am hoping to get a trim that will last the longest and look good for a long time.

    As you will all get to know me, I go through different purses every month so I finally want to purchase one where I feel I can use always and it will go with everything. Please help me decide :biggrin:

    The picture I have attached is the black one with the suede trim. I hope you all have seen either one or at least tell me if I should go for leather or suede.

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  2. suede one is nice. maybe a lil dressier than leather but definitely more maintenance will be required.
  3. I think if you're looking for a classic that will carry you through the years, go with the leather. Suede is nice and looks a bit dressier, but it is a trend right now.
  4. What I am worried about is the wear and tear from carrying the bag as well as what will be classic. Which one can withhold the most abuse because the leather can scratch easily I think but suede looks old after time doesn't it? I want to get the suede but I never had a suede bag before so I don't know what to expect.

    Thanks for your guys suggestion so far! :P
  5. DO NOT GET SUEDE!!!!!

    I really love the look and feel of suede, it's lovely, but it never lasts, no matter how expensive the bag is. I guarantee that in a month or so the edges will look worn, and it will be much harder to clean than the leather. If you want something that will last, go with the leather.

    Also, I think that if you're looking for a bag you can use for years you should go with the black Coach tote made solely of leather -- you may get sick of the signature fabric faster than you would of solid black leather, which never goes out of style. But you may love signature fabrics, and if that's the case then go for it. But no suede! I made that a rule for myself after getting a few (luckily inexpensive) lovely suede bags that looked terrible after one drop of water fell on them.
  6. Black sueded also kinda fades in color and will be harder to re-dye. It will be grey-ish after a while. Go with leather. The first scratch will be painful but then they all blend into a patina and you don't notice them at all.
  7. Thank you so much for all your help guys! Pietonne, your input about suede really put things in perspective for me and Issmom you were very helpful too. Could you explain to me what you mean by patina?
  8. Munchkyn- Welcome to the board! Let me know if you need any help finding your way around.

    About the Coach bag, maybe I can help a little too! I bought a very similar Coach tote last year, except there was only a stripe of light blue suede on it. Yes, I know, that would be hard to keep clean. The suede is beautiful and feels beautiful, but is not as durable. It is really hard to keep the bag kept up nicely. Leather wears in nicely- meaning it grows more beautiful with age. Suede is so hard to clean. I took my tote back to the store and they told me I would have to take it to a specialized cleaner if I wanted to clean it up.

    So I also say, go with the leather!
  9. Suede is hard to maintain. But everybody needs atleast a few suede bags in their collection...Leather now, then suede later.
  10. I dont think suede EVER goes out of style. But like everyone keeps mentioning it is very hard to maintain. My suggestion: don't spend a lot on suede. Buy it, break it in, then toss it aside....
  11. Go with the leather if you want a bag to last longer. My suede-y Coach wristlet looks like it's about to fall apart and I bought it last Xmas too!!! =(
  12. Patina is when all the little scratches kinda merge into one and the color is uniform and soft and broken in nicely.
  13. I looked on Coach's web site. Is this tote available in black suede? Anyway, I agree with the other posters. Leather is easier to take care of and will stand up to the abuse if you carry it daily.