New to Forum/New purchases! (photo heavy)

  1. Hello! My name is tara and I live in VA. I have been obsessed with handbags and Coach for quite some time now. I recently received some new goodies...

    So... here is what came in the mail this week....
    What's in the pretty packages?
    [​IMG]:heart:Apple Keyfob in Red for the Teacher! Look how cute my apple family is!:heart:

    What's in the box?
    LOVE IT! [​IMG]

    It is a Chelsea Leather Satchel!!!

    How GORGEOUS!!! I am totally in love with my new handbags! *hehe*

    Thanks for reading and enjoy the photos! :heart:
  2. Welcome to the forum! Wow, what beautiful things! Enjoy
  3. I don't own any Coach but I've been looking at Coach a lot lately and I really am liking a lot of their bags and accessories, and I'm thinking about buying. All of your purchases look wonderful. The apple key chain and bag are adorable!!
  4. Welcome to the forum! You've got some awesome stuff! enjoy it!
  5. you got some great bags,and welcome to the purse forum:yes:
  6. Congrats on all your new purchases and welcome!
  7. Welcome to the PF! Congrats on the new purchases and if you ever need anything, feel free to ask!
  8. Welcome and congrats!
  9. Welcome!! Congratulations on those beautiful purchases!! I have the apple coin purse as well, and just started using it, love it to death and I know you will too!! Now maybe the next thing you'll need would be an agenda..:graucho:
  10. :welcome:Welcome, DzzyButterfly!! :cutesy:
    Your goodies are stunning! Love it all, the black satchel is to die for!:drool: I love pebbled leather!
    Congrats!...lucky girl!
  11. GREAT goodies!! I love all your new purchases, especially the chelsea satchel. Welcome to TPF!!
  12. I love everything, the tote is gorgeous! I love the apple coin purse, where did you find it? I've been trying to find one like that since forever, but the site doesn't have it anymore. :sad:
  13. Univiting- I bought it when it first came out! :sad: Sorry!
    I am a teacher-- so anything apple Coach puts out-- my hubby buys it for me. Luckly-- this came out around my birthday so, it was one of my gifts! :smile:
  14. Thank you for all the welcomes! :smile: I'll do a collection post soon.
  15. Beautiful stuff! Welcome and congrats!