New to Forum, Need Help Deciding

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  1. Hi Ladies...hope you can help me. I really need a new everyday bag that can be
    dressed up or down. I have an Elisa in camel that I recently received from Bleeker St. and I have a Lily in whiskey that should be here today. I have no idea which one to keep! I like both styles but cannot have that much $$ tied up, only need one. Which one would you keep or would I be better off with some form of Gigi? Does anyone have both bags and could tell me which they tend to use more. Thank you for your help.
  2. hmmm......I would wait until you have the Lily and then make a decision. Do you like shoulder bags or satchels for everyday? Do you have a lot of things you carry daily?
  3. I do carry alot everyday...large resort turnlock wallet, resort wristlet, makeup, book, etc.
    I prefer shoulder bags but there is something about the lily...I guess I will wait to try both! Thanks for your help.
  4. I got the Lily and loved it. Problem for me was it seemed too heavy for everyday use and for that price, I could not see carrying it only ocassionally. Thus, I returned it and for the same price was able to purchase 2 bages that I can use every day and alternate (so neither one gets worn out). I don't know anything about the Elisa, sorry.
  5. I love the look of both! I love :love: my Elisa and I think that she might be a more comfortable choice as far as everyday wear. She slouches prettily and the leather just molds to your body after a while. The strap is wide enough that is won't dig into your shoulder if you load it up, and is surprisingly comfortable despite the woven leather and brass rings.
    The Lily is heavier, and with the length of the straps and the wideness of the bag I would have a hard time carrying it over my shoulder every day. That being said, the Lily is certainly gorgeous and might be a bit easier to dress up, since the Elisa is on the slouchy side.

    Wait until they both come, try them on and she which one makes your heart flutter. Personally my vote goes for the Elisa if you want an everyday bag. :yes:
  6. Thank you so much for your input. The lily has arrived and I have been going back and forth, trying them both. They are both gorgeous! I wish that I did not have to choose. This forum is wonderful! It is nice to know and be able to communicate with other coach lovers...It will probably take some time for me to decide. Thanks again.
  7. You're welcome! BTW welcome to TPF! Good luck with your decision - they are both gorgeous!

    (LOL I just thought of another perk to choosing the Elisa - with the leftover $ you could splurge on a wallet - or even another bag! :graucho:)