New to Forum...Need Help...and wanted to say Thank you!

  1. Hello,
    I am new to the forum, been lurking around for about a month now and never understood why someone would spend so much $$ on a bag, until I fell in loooooove with the bbags.
    Well my husband finally said, you're on that website so much, you obviously want one, so go ahead and buy one!!!!! so thank you! :yahoo:

    I was thinking of a black first as my first bbag. Is that a good choice?

    Also, what is the best way to buy? I think I'd rather buy directly from BalNY. Do I just call? Who do I talk to? How long does it take to arrive?

    Thanks to everyone!
  2. Welcome and congrats on your first bbag - you'll love it!!

    I'm sure you've already come across alot of great resources while you were "lurking", but ateliernaff is invaluable, and if you do searches (upper right hand corner of your screen) on key words - you can find great info that way as well.

    A black bbag is considered a staple by many people, so I don't think it is a bad way to start at all! Be warned, once you have one - you will "need" more!

    If you're thinking black, since they are available every season - you could get it straight from BalNY. I like them because you don't have shipping charges or taxes (if you are not in NY or NJ). If you search for "BalNY", there have been a number of threads discussing different sales associates to talk to. If you call and hit "2" during the menu - just ask for a Handbag Specialist and they can put you over to someone that specializes in that. I live in MI and it usually takes a few days to get to me. :smile:

    Good luck with your decision!! There is alot of things to think about - but in the end I think you'll be very happy!! There are also different places to look like eBay & consignment stores like Anns Fabulous Finds/Real Deal Collection, if you start looking for specific colors, etc...

    Whew. Hopefully that wasn't too much info. Again - welcome, de-lurk yourself, and good luck with your choice!
  3. What a lucky gal you are to have such a lovely husband. You think he'd let you get two?
  4. get a city!! Perfect size
  5. Welcome - black is a great place to start. The first is small, so if you are used to a small handbag it would be perfect. For me, I like big bags and the first is a night time, going out bag for me. A city or a twiggy are bigger and are better for me for everyday use.

    Good Luck and make sure to keep us posted on your decision.
  6. I think a Black B-bag would be the pefect 'starter' for you

    If you like smaller bags, go for the first. I personally wont go smaller than the City/ Twiggy size.

    Let us know what you decide!
  7. Congrats! I love my first. I don't think I'd get a bigger bbag actually as I was having alot of trouble finding stuff to put in her today :p I was just carrying my cell & wallet.

    Oh & I ordered mine from BalNY. I dealt with Daisy & she was very nice & picked out a good bag for me. I know lots of ladies here like Daphene (sp?) though.

    Let us know what you finally decide & post pics when you get her!
  8. Are you aware of BalNY's rather strict return policy (i.e., no returns - exchanges only within 10 days of purchase)? That's the downside of working with them. If you go w/Neiman's, Saks, Barney's NY, or Nordstrom Sacramento, you will benefit from much more liberal return/exchange policies.

    I think that Nordstrom Sacramento probably rivals Bal-NY as having the most knowledgeable and responsive SA's. I worked with Sarah there, but I am sure that there are others there who are probably good, too. They send detailed photos of bags to you and their email response is phenomenal - they are obviously checking their email throughout the day. They are the only Nordstrom's that carries Balenciaga, so they have a more DIRECT relationship with Balenciaga - similar to what Bal-NY does. That's my theory on why they are so good. Downside: you will have to pay tax if there's a Nordstrom's in your state. I prefer to use Neiman's since I don't have to pay tax (no Neiman's in my state) - but I LOVE the personalized attention that I get from Nordstrom's.

    You have LOTS of choices of retailers since a black first is fairly commonly available choose wisely! :smile:
  9. I would say start with a black as it is classic.
  10. yes, black would be a great choice, as to which style, u would've have to think what are u going to take the bag the most.

    i persoanll would get a black city
  11. Congrats and welcome here.
    I would say take a black city:yes:

    That was my starter also,
    and please show us some pics modeling your new bag.

    \Happy baghunting\ FX:heart:
  12. Welcome to the forum- I'm sure you'll love it here! :yes:

    My first BBag was also a Black First and I think it's the perfect first BBag!:smile:
  13. Thank you for all your replies!
    Upon further researching I think I may buy my bag from AR due to their return policy (since it is my first bbag)
    I also think I will start with a first, since I'm used to carrying small handbags...
    I will post pics when I get her! thanks to all...
  14. My first bbag was a black city, and it's now my only bbag :yippy:! I personally think the city is a great starter bag because it's size makes it really versatile - but it is a bit on the big side. If you're looking for a small bag, I'd go with the first - but you can't beat the versatility of the city ;)

    Editted to say that I got my bbag from Barneys NY, not because I wanted to, but because they were the first to get one in stock and call me. I bought mine back when it was like pulling teeth trying to find a bbag, even one as simple as a black city! I was on like 6 waiting lists, including Bal NY! :blink:
  15. Hi & welcome! Black City is a classic!