New To Forum! Bleeker Leather Flap- Help!

  1. Hello Ladies! I have just joined the forum (and you all have already been very helpful!)-- but I still need your help!
    I'm trying to find a bleeker leather flap in British Tan-- not the large or small flap. Does anyone have this bag (with pics so I can see it modeled?!) or know where I can get it???
    Its on Japan's site in brown, but only black on US site.

  2. These used to be in the US. I saw one in the boutique back during Sept PCE but they only carry black now. Try calling JAX (Jacksonville) and see if they have any still.
  3. Thanks-- I gave them a call-- and they gave me false hope:sad: -- said they had it in New York, but when I called, NY had none in stock!--I'll have to keep on trying!
  4. Keep trying and look on eBay. You might be able to find one there. Post the auction in the authenticate this thread if you are unsure of it.
  5. Oh, they actually had them on the website up until a week or so ago (at least I saw them there). I agree about eBay, though, if JAX canot dig one up for you.
  6. Is this it? I bought this online when the Bleecker line first came out. This size sold out quickly. My Coach Store didn't even get the medium so I feel really lucky!!:heart:
    Bleecker Flap 003.jpg Picture 147.jpg Picture 148.jpg

  7. Ooooh that is perfect-- thanks for posting the pic. I love the size and where it falls on the hip! Great... now I want it even more!
  8. AHHH I missed it by a week!!!???
  9. I don't think so. I think they showed a thumbnail of the tan on the "reference pic" so to speak but I am pretty sure that only the black has been available for some time now.
  10. I didn't think they had the color swatches up for bags they didn't have. Perhaps, then, they have been gone longer than I thought. So it lets you select a color they don't have and you wouldn't find out that they didn't have it until you submitted the order?

    The colors they sent to outlet were off the website, so I just assumed that the colors they were out of would be removed, as well.
  11. They show a swatch of it in the sideways shot but when you go to pull down the colors available, it only listed/lists black.
  12. Call JAX #888 262 6224...I just got off the phone with them...They have this in short quanities of Black,White,Rose (a pink color she said) And also in Buck Skin!!!

    She said she would think in a few weeks they'll be gone. And no these babies DIDN'T make it to the Outlets!

    Dang gone it! I don't recall seeing this one...When I ordered my Small Flap. Had I seen it I would have gotten that one instead!:cursing: Their sold out of British Tan...But that Buck Skin is a lovely color...ARG! I contemplated returning my small flap for the larger version...But...I don't live NEAR a Coach store that would do that...I got mine back in begining of January...ARG~
  13. Thanks!! I'll have to take a look at the buck skin-- that size is exactly what I'm looking for!