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  1. Hello! I am new to the forum and have to say that you all seem like such lovely girls who really look after each other and seems like so much fun discussing the obsession we have with our bags. I hope to join in on the fun. Before I found the forum I thought I must be the most crazed and obsessed person over these bags. Once you go Balenciaga you never go back. My loyalty is neverending. After reading some posts, I now feel normal. Thanks so much:yes: My obsession's a bit out of hand so I'm thinking of selling some bags on ebay, but have never sold anything. Any advice on what to do and not to do when it comes to selling on ebay??? I hate parting with some of them, but I just don't carry a few of them and need money to fund my latest desires. Please help. Thanks much!
  2. Sorry, no advise about ebay because I never sold anything. I just wanted to welcome you here [​IMG]
  3. Welcome Benr!!! I know how you feel, I never thought my interest was particularly common until I found this forum either. So cool that you joined, hugs! :biggrin:
  4. Thanks so much for the welcome!! It's great to be a part of this.
  5. welcome benr :P
  6. Welcome benr!!! Glad to have you here! Are you a long time collector of Balenciaga?
  7. i guess my best advice is to be as honest as possible & take lots of great pictures...i've sold lots of stuff on e-bay, but never b-bags (since i'm attached at the hip to all of them :tender:)...welcome to the forum & to all of us other crazies!!!
  8. Hi benr! My advice about ebay is to try your best to avoid non-paying bidders by stating in your listing that you won't accept bidders with either negative or less than a certain amount of feedback.
  9. No advice on ebay as I don't sell but I want to welcome you to the forum. This place is great!
  10. welcome benr!! :welcome:
  11. Hi! Just wanted to welcome you too.. I've only been on the boards a short while and these gals have really educated me on all things Balenciaga!
  12. hi benr, and welcome to the PF!! :flowers:

    sorry, I've never been a seller on eBay but many others here have and have great advice to share!
  13. welcome! I agree with aaallabama, being honest as possible & taking lots of great pictures is the way to go. :supacool:
  14. welcome sweety!!! ;)
  15. I started collecting in 05. I've acquired a black city, bordeaux city, khaki purse, olive first, chocolate day, caramel day, cornflower purse, marron twiggy and flat brass black classique. My current desires are to get an anis city and eggplant city. I love twiggy's too, so I'm always wanting older year twiggys. Been contemplating the current rose twiggy on ebay. Any thoughts on to get it or not? I'm not sure how well this will wear with certain outfits. I'm not a real color gal as I like neutrals.