new to forum and need advice

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  1. Hello Ladies :smile: - Have loved perusing the forum and I am hoping you all can help me choose the perfect "first" chanel.

    Most of my bags are from Hermes - I have a Trim, 2 kellys(32 + 35 cm) and a 40 cm Birkin. As much as I love my Hermes bags - Chanel has been calling.

    I have an 11 month old and it has been really difficult carrying anything besides the Trim as I feel the need to keep my hands free.

    Here's my dilemna: I would like to get a classic flap and I love both the Baguette/East West bag and the Large Flap.

    I don't need to carry that much in my bag (a little makeup, phone, credit cards and keys) and I want something that can go from day thru to evening. My choices are between the beige or black in caviar or lambskin.

    Which size, leather and color do you think I should choose for ease of use, practicality and last but not least - which is the most timelessly chic?:girlsigh:
  2. Hmm. a classic medium flap or jumbo flap, the e/w is very small IMO, also check the reference library, there's tons of pictures for you to get an idea of size and other diff. styles too. G/L:smile:
  3. i would say the jumbo classic flap in black caviar goldhardware
  4. I would get the medium/large caviar (more durable than lamb) flap. The chain on the east/west doesn't double up, so it's not as versatile.
  5. I agree I'd get a black caviar flap in medium/large. I prefer silver hardware a little more than gold, but it just depends on what you like and what you think suits you best.
  6. Welcome to the Chanel forum! :flowers:

    I would say the Jumbo flap in caviar would be perfect. The E/W or medium flap would be too small for your needs, I think.

    Beige and black are both wonderful neutral colors, you can't go wrong with either of them. The beige maybe gets a bit dirty more easily.

    Good luck!
  7. I would say med/large classic flap if you don't carry a lot of stuff; Jumbo Classic flap if you like to bring a small make up pouch and a wallet.
    Try it out at the boutique and you'll be able to make a decision.
  8. ITA!
  9. Just to be different, I'm going to suggest the medium classic flap in lambskin, because of that part about timeless chic and day-to-night. The east/west is a little small for everyday use, and the jumbo is a little big for evenings. Caviar is more durable, and if you want something to be very practical I would definitely advise that, but since you obviously want a chic, classic Chanel for evenings, too, I would advise the lambskin.

    My pref is for silver H/W, but whatever fits in with the rest of your collection will work for you. Happy shopping!
  10. med/large classic flap in black CAVIAR! Caviar is the very durable and verssatile, kind of like the Togo of Chanel... ;) I would say jumbo, but since you want something you can dress up for evening, AND you don't carry that much, the med/large would be a good size... jumbo is a great size, but can might be too big to transition to evening. Good luck!
  11. I think the med/large classic flap in caviar will suit you just fine! =)
  12. :yes: and you cnt go wrong with both beige or black caviar:tup: GL! and dnt forget to post pictures!
  13. :heart:Thank you ladies - I think it will be the large (next size up from the medium) classic flap in black caviar with gh. I love the forum - everyone is so warm and helpful:flowers: