New to forum and dreaming of a bbag!

  1. I usually hang out in gucci or chanel but lately I've been lusting over Balenciaga. I guess I've been browsing so much I actually had 2 dreams about owning a bbag! My birthday is coming up but DH said I have to wait until Christmas for a new bag. I hope I can do it or he gives in. They even had a black city on hold for me at Neimans in Vegas!:crybaby: Oh well, I guess I just wanted to say hey and I'll keep :drool: over your bags in the mean time.
  2. Aww, well if it's a Black City you want don't worry as they make those every season! :yes:
  3. Welcome to the Balenciaga thread... hopefully you can get your bBag for your b-day! Sending positive thoughts your way~! :wlae:
  4. Hi welcome! You can probably get your DH to get your bag sooner. My DH hates my Bbag obsession but its not impossible to get him to give a little ;)
  5. welcome! hopefully you will get your first b-bag soon and we can all drool over it.
  6. WELCOME :yahoo: Nice to see you here :supacool:

    07 leather is awesome and black is a staple, sooooo, hope you get one soon so we can all drool over it ;)
  7. Black city was my first Bbag
  8. This is true.. all my bbags are o7 and the leather is amazing.. especially this current seasons leather!
  9. Welcome! Warning...once you get started...the additction takes over...:upsidedown::rolleyes: