New To Fendi =) Please Educate Me Hehe

  1. Hi everyone! this is my VERY FIRST TIME at the Fendi thread because I just RECENTLY saw the SPY ! can you believe it? I know this style has been out for a while correct? I had a couple of questions about the SPY....are they still "in style"? i haven't really seen many people carry it as much as LV or Gucci so that's how I fell in love with it...i have never really looked twice at fendi bags until i saw the spy but hey now i really LOVE it! anything else i should know about the spy? any info would be great! i want the brown zucca spy btw...but i cant find anywhere to buy it i looked on neiman and Saks and also eluxury and i didnt find any =( any ideas?
  2. I just bought my first spy. At first I didn't like it, but it has grown on me. I think they will be around for awhile; they are still very popular here in this Fendi forum I've noticed. You should check out, they are a legit company with a large selection of spy bags.
  3. Thank you Queen D!
  4. Jomashop also sells authentic spies, (at GREAT prices). They had the zucca in stock about a week ago for $918! Keep checking back with them for a return/fulfillment or just call customer service to confirm availability.

    Good luck! :smile:
  5. thank you thestarsgarb!

    here is the bag i'm looking for..can anyone tell me the offical name of it and if it's still available anywhere??

  6. That's the one the starsgarb mentioned. It's the Zucca. Jomashop would have the best price if they have stock.
  7. I can't figure out which Zucca it is though...the one starsgarb mentioned on this link:

    in the picture that i posted it looks like the straps arent the same as the one on the link.....but anyway...there's no other website i found that carries this bag =( any suggestions?
  8. i found out it was the tobacco zucca spy..booo i cant find this color anywhere =( thanks for the links btw!
  9. Armanigirl, the example you show with the zucca & nappa and braided handles appears oddly be a fake/replica spy bag. :confused1:

    The zucca & nappa usually has TORTUGA handles, not braided handles, with exceptions for LE spys. The FENDI crew here have shown you links and pics to authentic spy bags. :smile:

    You can check out the spy bag list for more pics of zucca spy bags:
  10. REALLY? OMG! so the zucca spy bag does not have BRAIDED handles?? oh man! see what i mean when I'm NEW TO FENDI! i can't spot a fake! lol...well do you know any LE Spys that looks like the example i posted with the braided handles and the same tobacco/dark brown color?? thanks for the links! beautiful!!
  11. okay so i found one on eBay (not sure on authenticity...) but this is the one i want....don't know the name of it..i'm guessing Zucca Brown Spy bag? And this one is fake correct because the handles are braided?


    gosh there are so many fakes.....but this is how the one i want looks like..just making sure this is an AUTHENTHIC Fendi style and that i'm not wanting a fendi bag that never existed lol TIA!
  12. ^^ You should post those in the "authenticate this" thread so someone can help:yes:. All braided handles on zucca/nappa (zucca print and leather) are fake except for the new metallic nappa/zucca's which have a metallic leather with the zucca fabric, as well as braided handles (which are metallic). Examples of most of the authentic spys made are on Litigatrix's list. There is a thread in the sticky's where you can see all the pics. You should be able to get the bag you want used on eBay for roughly 800$+, and Joma shop has brand new ones at 900 or so but I just clicked on the link above and it says its out of stock. They might come back though so keep watch!
  13. thank you for the link! it's a great price!! i kinda want the braided handles...i'm still kinda the braided handles aren't a true fendi in the brown zucca correct?