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  1. I would like to purchase a navy Tribeca tote from Ebay but am worried about getting a fake. I looked at two different auctions and maybe I'm crazy but each one (different sellers) had the same number on the leather tag inside. Do all the Tribeca totes have the same number? I know the item number is the same but the rest of it too?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question. I've never purchased a Coach bag from Ebay before and am a chicken! Thanks so much.
  2. The last 5 digits on the creed should all be the same - that's the style number. The first group of numbers/letters could be different based on which factory the bag was made in.

    I have the Tribeca East West Tote in Navy and the style number is 14111 - so that's the last 5 numbers on the creed patch.

    If you have concerns about authenticity, post the listing under the "Authenticate this COACH" thread. They are great about helping people buy authentic!
  3. Thanks! I'll try that and see what they say. :smile: