New to eBay Selling

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  1. Although I am not new to eBay buying, I am new to selling. I have my first 4 bags up for auction. I have a few more to post, but am waiting to see how the first ones progress. When posting the bags, I had some difficulty figuring out postage. I am shipping in USPS/eBay boxes that are labeled Priority Mail and Flat Rate. Aren't the rates different for Priority Mail and Flat Rate? I don't want to get to the PO and find out I have shipped in the wrong boxes. None of the boxes is going to weigh more than 3 lbs. On a couple of the auctions I used the shipping calculator, on another I used a flat rate, just because I really didn't know what I was doing. In the future I will stick to the shipping calculator. I am also including insurance into the shipping cost, because it will protect me. I would really appreciate some advice from experienced sellers about how they determine which rate to ship at. UPS is too far from my house to be convenient, so I am only considering USPS.
  2. Hi Jane- you are positive they won't weigh more than 3 pounds with the box and shipping materials added?

    You can mail priority in your own box or priority in a flatrate FREE box provided by USPS. The good thing about the flatrate boxes is postage is the same regardless of weight.

    Yes, I REQUIRE insurance on my packages and you also have to factor in the $1.80 for signature confirmation if the TOTAL (purchase + shipping) is more than $250. I usually do it on anything more than $200.

  3. Right, so if the item is light it will probably be alot cheaper than the flatrate. I made this mistake once by shipping something light in a flatrate box and paid almost double!