New to EBay.. Is it worth going into?? I'd love your advice!


Jul 30, 2009
Bloomington, MN
I have never purchased anything on eBay (too intimidated; have heard lots of horror stories of rip offs!) or sold but i want to start selling. I am kind of banned so i thought a fun way to still shop is by selling my awesome finds for a couple of extra bucks! (DH is much more receptive to be bringing in cash rather than spending loads, time after time). ;) What better way to have your cake and eat it too!?
So i'm starting out, obvi have no feedback. Is it worth building up? I think a lot of people out there are scared off from ebay as well (it's such a shame it's been marred by ruthless con artists!!) so i am thinking i might get burned.
While shopping yesterday, I came across some fun finds xxx and thought i could try my hand at ebay with these. I looked up what they have been selling for so i know there is a chance to earn a couple of extra bucks?
I would definitely do the auth guarantee, 7 day return, money back thing. I heard no reserve and free shipping are also good ways to get bidders? Anyway, i'd love to hear your thoughts! Thank you so much in advance!
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Apr 15, 2009
Consider it from a buyer's perspective -- a zero feedback seller selling "authentic" items just sounds like a scam, y'know?

If I were you, I'd do a bit of buying on ebay first, to get the whole buying experience. It will help you become a better seller. You'll soon figure out what you need to do to have good listings, what good customer service is, how to pack acceptably. As soon as you get some lousy seller who doesn't communicate, packs poorly, or has 2 pics of an item that should have 10 pics, you'll start making mental notes of how NOT to sell :smile:

Once you have a few feedbacks as a buyer, you can start selling a few less expensive items, then work your way into the more expensive stuff. You are less likely to have "high maintenance" transactions if you've got a bit of a track record, and you are less likely to be targetted by scammers trying to get your handbag AND not pay you.
Apr 15, 2007
A good suggestison from CowPrincess.. do your research, read other sellers

descriptions, look for details, pack your shipping item well and carefully

with bubble and plastic, free shipping is always a plus, get a security tag

for the handbag you will ship, etc.


Jul 30, 2009
Bloomington, MN
Lordamercy, you can get scammed by SELLING too!?! I might be out of my league here... Thank you for your thoughts. I'll go ahead and do that (start buying first) :smile:
Does it help to have your bio and profile all filled out?
This could be so fun but i feel like there's a lot to know first before just jumping in, huh?


May 13, 2009
I agree with Cowprincess. Buy some things before you start selling. If you're a bit nervous, (I know I was), keep your spending limited to lower priced things until you get used to knowing what to look out for, how things work, etc. Yes, I think it can be fun most times. Just do your research. This forum is great for that, also the Answer Center on ebay. Just be sure when you register for your account, then Paypal (I think it just links you through after the ebay registration) That your paypal account is linked to a credit card (not your bank account). Paypal will prompt you to do that (link to a bank) but you do not have to at this time. Use a credit card that doesn't have a high limit, and you feel confident that they will be good about issuing a chargeback if you need to. Then, just read up on the basics and you should be pretty well protected. Just remember, if you get any funky emails or a seller is asking you for something that just doesn't feel right (for example: send cash to their po box), do nothing until you get some advice. I only made my first purchase about a year ago, and yes, there a lot of horror stories. Someone started a thread here not too long ago, about good ebay experiences. I think most dealings on ebay with people are usually good, but its the scary ones we here about most, usually because someone needs advice, or has to vent. There are a lot of wise and experienced people (I'm still a sorta newbie) here who are great to offer help when you need it. Be safe and have fun.