New to Ebay - Does this sound right?

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  1. Okay... I am new to ebay and what the heck is escrow? This sounds weird.... Can someone read this e-mail and let me know if this sounds strange or not? I am selling a Dior Gaucho Double Saddle Bag and I don't know what this person is talking about w/ escrow. My auction clearly states PAYPAL only. WTF?

    I have seen your item listed on ebay and i find it very interesting. I would like to ask you few question regarding the item: does it have authenticity papers? What is your desired asking price? Does it have any visible, scratches or marks? Do you accept an escrow service to manage the transaction (you can see on ebay in the help section that it’s normal and préférable to use an escrow service)?
    Thank you in advance for your gratitude in answering my questions and hope to hear from you soon.
    Best Regards,

    This person has ZERO feedback. Granted I am new to ebay and only have 2 positives and no negatives, but I don't even want to deal with international shipping. Which is stated in my auction.
  2. I heard that many sellers don't like to use Escrow because Escrow will hold the payment, send the bag to buyer first. Once buyer say ok then Escrow will send payment to the seller. I also hear that this is the good way for buyer to do non-paying-item and switch the item. Many sellers will refuse to accept Escrow.
  3. As a buyer, it seems that escrow would be best however, as the seller, and a new seller at that, I would just avoid the headeache all together.
    I'm not sure that I will ever accept escrow and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to continue to limit my selling to the US and Canada only.
  4. If you look at various threads there have been many issues with 0 feedback buyers and international buyers. As was stated, the escrow means you don't get the money right away and the person would have your bag. Follow your gut feelings re: this. There are ways to block buyers also.