New to EBay (Buy it Now)

  1. Hello everyone. I need help. I am very new to eBay. When I was listing my item, I tried to do a buy it now but I did not know how to do that. That option wasn't available. Someone asked me a question asking if I would be willing to offer buy it now price. How do I do this? Thanks for your help!
  2. I think you have to have at least 10 feedbacks (or 5 feedbacks if you have and accept paypal) to use the buy now feature.

    You could always set the starting price at the price you agreed on and have them bid and then end the auction to sell to the high bidder.
  3. Emald37 is absolutely correct. You need to have 10 feedbacks in order to do a BIN.
    And ending the listing early to the highest bidder is a great option (especially since I was lucky enough to snag a Kooba bag last night in just this way!!!) You just adjust the invoice accordingly so that it reflects the agreed upon price. Some folks actually tack the adjusted price onto the shipping charges because then they don't get charged as much from Paypal when the buyer pays..
    Capishe? :tup::p