New to ebay and they Ended my LV auctions ~ Said I have "TradeMark Misuse" -Ugh!!!

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  1. :hysteric: Just like pinkish_love -- ebay ended my auctions!!
    AAHH! I'm so mad!
    I finally decide to list a few Louis Vuitton bags to fund my Chanel craze and ebay took them down.
    After 20mins on the phone they told me the Louis Vuitton themselves are the one who took my auction down.
    this is so unfair!
    My bags are 100% authentic and they let all those fake auctions run.
    When I asked when I could relist my bags the ebay customer support guy was kind of vague, but make it sound like I can't.

    I wonder - Why did they target me?
    How can I sell my bags to get some holiday $?
    Will I ever be able to relist them?

    Ugh..I'm so mad, I need chocolate!
  2. Make sure you disclose in your auctions that the bag you are selling is from your own personal collection and that you are in no way affiliated with Louis Vuitton. That may help. It takes a while to get the listing lingo down so you arent breaking any rules. because legit sellers such as your self will be the one that gets targeted. Also, someone may have reported your auction. Good luck!
  3. they did that to me too. unfortunately i don't have the receipt for the bag but if you do, fax it to them and they will look at it. good luck!
  4. Thank you ladies...
    Appreciate you input!
  5. it would suck to have 0 feedback, but you can try opening another account. could someone be targeting you in particular? put the acct in someelse's name. then be super careful with the listing, not aff with LV, auth from your own collection, and all the other great suggestions up here.
  6. I don't know why someone would target me? I find it hard to comprehend people actually do that to people :sad:

    When you mention "put in someone else name" would that be the whole ebay account or would that just be a new user name?
    Thank you!
  7. I don't think anyone "targeted" you per se. Some fake sellers and random people just like to cause people trouble because they're selfish and immature. Unfortunately you were the victim this time. Many sellers have had this happen to them, sad to say. :sad:

    I would just relist and change things around a bit...maybe put in a different picture in your gallery photo so the same individual or people don't flag it again.
  8. They "targeted you" just because you are new to Ebay and LV is a highly flagged brand that's easily pulled because of all the LV counterfeits on Ebay. It's just highly suspicious when a new member starts listing a lot of high end bags, because that's what a lot of fake sellers do. Don't feel bad, Ebay does this to most new ebayers that list expensive bags. If you have the receipts, fax them to Ebay, ensure them they are authentic, and request to relist them. In the listing you need to do as much as you can to make the authenticity of your items clear. Take clear pics, show receipts if available, and make sure you put that you guarantee its authenticity. LV and other highly flagged brands are easily pulled if you do things like use stock pics, or not guarantee authenticity, etc. Good luck!
  9. Thanks -- good suggestion on changing the photo.
    Guess all this is part of it.
  10. OMG another nightmare story on ebay...why can't they do things right and fair?? I'm sorry for you :sad: