NEW TO E-BAY; how important is the packaging?

  1. Hi,

    I only recently started selling on ebay --once I found out I was pregnant, and decided to liquidate 1/2 of my closet. I'll take any general advice on ebay etiquette, but mostly I'm wondering how important it is to put together a "nice package" when sending an item. Also, how do people feel about getting "gifts" which seem to have been just spontaneously thrown into the package and were not advertised in the ad? I've received a lipgloss from a seller --and she seemed kind in her gesture-- but since the gloss was unsealed and out of the box it sort of put me off. I'm wondering what you guys think about all this. THANKS :confused1:
  2. Just a quick clarification: I'm simply wondering about packaging that is aesthetically pleasing NOT packaging meant to protect the item. :smile: :rolleyes:
  3. I think the packaging says alot about the seller. If you package your items up nice you may have repeat customers.
    Congrats on becoming a new mom..:flowers:
  4. Thank you! I'm 28 --and this is my first baby; I did not think I would be THIS happy about it BUT I AM:heart: ... thanks for the eBay advice, too!!1
  5. No problem- Welcome to the forum:flowers:
  6. Congrats on the baby!! :yahoo:

    I'm getting ready to list items again on eBay (have been away for 2 years or so) but when I use to sell things I'd make sure to package everything nicely in pretty tissue paper and a ribbon and then add in a handwritten note to the buyer.

    I know as a buyer I appreciate it when I receive something packaged nicely (as opposed to the dingy cat litter box that one of my Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom bags came in once from a My Poupette seller! :cursing:), it just shows the seller cares and I'm willing to bookmark them for future purchases.

    Good luck with the sale and the baby!
  7. Thank you so much for the advice. It is also my impulse to wrap things up as gifts (and I like doing it), but I worried that there might be a line between "friendly" and "over-zealous" which I just don't want to cross with people who might just want the item they bought without any "personalized" touches. But I think I have a better idea about all this after reading the thread. Thanks again! :yes:
  8. I like to add personal touches to my packages, nothing too fancy, but something to let the buyer know I took the time to arrange their package as opposed to just throwing it in a box. When I got my cerises agenda refills, I actually used the little notes that came with it for a few LV items I sold to just write a quick thank you note along with the invoice. I thought that was cute and I usually just include little thank you notes like that and make sure to wrap things nicely. I don't think I'd send an extra gift(especially unsealed), unless I somehow knew the buyer or they had bought from me multiple times already.
  9. The coolest "free gift" I can remember getting with an eBay item were two little books of incense matches.

    If you want to do a free gift, I would suggest something like that - or a small scented candle in a votive holder, or note cards! Something that is not intended for ingestion or contact with the body, so whether it is sealed, shrink-wrapped, etc, doesnt' matter.

    With regard to fancy packaging, I don't really care, as long as my item arrives undamaged, to be brutally frank, I am just going to toss the packaging, whether it consists of a cat litter box or pink tissue paper and a bow.
  10. If I have the supplies, I wrap my goodies up with pretty tissue paper and/or a ribbon, and I always throw in a little thankyou note. Nothing too fancy, just something that says I take a bit of care with what I'm doing, I'm not just throwing their stuff in a box. Mainly I do it because I just love it when a seller has done that for me! And it can't hurt the feedback rating either.
  11. Congrats with the baby! I've actually never sold on ebay but as a buyer, I've rarely received extras; most of the time I get standard invoices. One time I received free candy, a sticker, and popcorn, and on two other occasions I've received a nice little note from the seller. I'm happy with my package as long as the items aren't damaged and was shipped well.
  12. There was a thread here recently having to do with "would you eat something seller included in your package as a little gift", ie wrapped candy. I think I remember the consensus was no-although I have always found it to be a nice gesture, I never do just for g.p. As a seller I have a supply of white tissue paper from the dollar store and thin silver ribbon, then I put that wrapped package in something plastic (once had a scarf arrive from Hermes that sat on the porch in the rain, you never know). Also use P.O. boxes, free. It takes an extra minute or two but I have to think the first impression will be a good one, theres always that feedback thing! I have rec'd things in awful packaging, at least they got here-good luck to you! PS Also printed up some cards to stick in, it can't hurt.
  13. I always wrap my items in tissue paper so they don't touch the inside of the envelope or box. (Makes it easy to pack, too.) And I also include a printed note that thanks them for their purchase, includes my eBay ID and also asks them to post positive feedback if they're happy with their purchase.

    Also, as soon as I send the item, I email the buyer and let them know the tracking number for their package. People love the extra communication.
  14. I think using nice tissue paper etc. is a fine idea. I would not put anything that could potentially melt or has a scent in the package, even if tightly sealed. Some people are very sensitive to scents and may have trouble using the item they've purchased if it's wrapped with other things.
  15. Good point, I didn't even think about that. Nor would it occur to me to wrap it up pretty, which is why I make a much better eBay buyer than I would a seller :biggrin: