New to Dior

  1. I have never really been a fan of Dior until last night. I was in Saks and saw some interetsting pieces in their line, and was really impressed by the leather. The styles in particular that caught my eye were: "St. Germain" Large Flap in black and "Cannage in White or Tan.

    Large flap owners what do you think about this bag?

    In the Cannage Style, Large or Medium, Tan or White, which is more user friendly? Both colors are gorgeous but I think I am leaning towards the winter white for a pop of color.

    Suggestions and Recommendations are appreciated:yes: . Thanks
  2. i didn't see the st germain when i was in manchester, but i did see the cannage in tan (and red) in the large & medium sizes. i thought the large was really huge, but i didn't try it on. However as barbie750's pics ( show, it's not as big as i imagined.

    For the medium sized cannage, you can have a look at mayday's (in chocolate) over here -

    i'm absolutely in love with the medium tan one. i felt the leather on both the red & the tan, and someone, the tan one had a more "solid" feel to it. i'm not sure about the white, but i think it might have the same feel as the red - which feels kinda flimsy to me.

    one thing to note though, i'm not sure how resistant to colours the cannage is, so like any white bag, i guess one would have to be just a little bit more careful when carrying it.
  3. I didn't see St. Germain either at Holts (which is very weird...maybe I just missed it), but I did see the white cannage. It's SO nice!!! I recommend getting the white one in large. Tan is beautiful too! The brown one I have can be a bit...umm...dull? I love it but I like the other two more (i only got mine because I sniped a deal off Ebay...I actually wanted the shoppers tote more originally).

    From the Eluxury pics, I think that the St. Germain bags are nice. The shiny silver CD plaque looks better than the antiqued version on their Vintage Traveller collection. If you get one please post a pic of it on TPF! It would actually be a rare sight!