New to Dior....Can anyone please help?

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  1. Hi Lovlies,
    I am new to Dior and am thinking of buying a Diorissimo. I have to buy it unseen since I am not close to any Dior Boutiques. Can you please tell me if the Large size is WAY too big? I am looking for an everyday bag. I am thinking about pebbled bullcalf leather. Is this durable? I am use to carrying a LV Speedy 35 as an everyday bag so I do like big bags. Any information would be wonderful. TIA
  2. The Diorissimo is very durable I absolutely adore mine. I have the medium which i find quite spacious however what are you planning on putting into it? I caution that it is double lined leather and is quite heavy off the bat so I would be careful trying to overstuff it as it can be quite hard on the shoulder
  3. Just plan on using as an everyday bag. Full size wallet, couple pouchettes, agenda, 3 key cles, glasses, checkbook, etc....
  4. Do you have the smooth or pebble leather?
  5. I think it depends on how big your pouches are but the medium could be big enough for you! Large would be more appropriate if you wanted to put documents / magazines etc inside

    I have the taurillon (grainy) leather in black with pink interior
  6. I agree with Hightea_xx. The Diorissimo is an incredible bag. The leather is quite durable (especially if you get the grained taurillon - "bullcalf" - version).

    For your needs, I think the medium is a pretty good size.
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  7. I'm leaning towards the medium. I think the large will be too heavy, especially for an every day bag. I am looking at the black, but my SA that sent me pictures is calling the interior "peach", which looks pink or fuschia to me.
  8. The interior of the black in taurillon is called "Indian Pink", which looks like a rich pink or fuchsia.
  9. As AJ said! This is an idea of what the color looks like, it's rich without being off putting

  10. I don't think the large would be too bad, but the medium would also most likely be spacious enough for your needs. It does come with a strap, so I wouldn't worry about the weight as much as both the strap and the handle are really comfortable in my opinion. I think it is really durable and tough as well. Even lambskin Dior bags are surprisingly tough for the material they are made out of
  11. Well I'm ordering the black taurillon today! So excited. This will be my first Dior bag[emoji7]
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  12. Please share pictures when you receive the bag!
  13. I just received the Diorissimo black pebbled leather. Love the style, look, and believe it will fit my lifestyle....but just to make sure (because these are so expensive and do not want to make a mistake and am not able to see in person), can anyone please tell me if you like the pebbled leather over the smooth leather and why? I have always liked smooth leather better, but I followed my SA's advice and went for the pebbled leather. I do not want to send it back and have the smooth leather bag shipped to me just to find out I should have kept the pebbled leather. I have a casual type of lifestyle and prefer to use this as my every day bag. Thank you!
  14. The grainy taurillon (bullcalf) leather is more durable because the leather is more resistant to stretches and has a more supple texture. It will not show creasing like the smooth veau (calfskin) leather which is more delicate in those respects. The DIOR charms weigh down the front of the bag with age so if you're not careful with storing the veau leather it will certainly leave crease marks. The taurillon leather will age better in that respect and you won't feel the need to baby it as much.
  15. Thank you so much for the reply. Which leather shows more wear on the corners? Or is it both the same. When I see used Diorissimo's, they look extremely good. Not sure if it's due to the person not using the bag or if it just ages well. I know they don't hold their value as much. When I saw how much a pre-loved is, I was almost tempted to buy pre-loved. But I am one of those people that for some reason, has a hard time buying pre-loved. Always in the back of my mind, is this REAL? Silly, I know....but hard to get over:sad: I can't believe the craftsmanship of these bags. I would say it is right of there with my Hermes Birkin's and Kelly's. It looks and feels that good! I am starting to think Dior is THE BEST KEPT SECRET! Not sure why more don't have Dior? Now I'm hooked....this could be extremely bad! I have tried all designers, and Dior has captured my heart over Chanel and Hermes. I think it is because the style of this bag just fits my lifestyle more than Chanel and I love the hardware. If the Birkin's handles had hardware on them so they could lay flat, then it may be another story. But so far, VERY impressed with Dior.
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