new to designer jeans

  1. I never even considered designer jeans before. I thought they were only for celebrities. My boyfriend wears designer jeans, and they look so great. So my $80 jeans look like crap next to his fancy ones. I want my first pairto be very versatile, until I start building my jean wardrobe back up. Any suggestions on brands? I definitely need to try them on, can't do the online thing just yet, since they all fit so differently. I'm about 5'8, 135, muscular build, and have thighs and booty. (about a 27 or 28)

  2. I'm a little new to designer jeans also. I really like the fit of Citizens of Humanity. Paige Premium Denim is also nice, although some of her jeans have a very low rise. Sevens are good, but I find the waist be be just a tad larger than my Citizens'.
  3. Seven's are my fav... They keep their shape amazingly well.
  4. 7, Diesel, Antik Denim
  5. im a huge True Religion fan! I also really like sevens. I have thighs and a booty and TR's look do sevens! Definantly go and try on a bunch of different brands and styles though, every style/brand will fit you differently!!
  6. My favorites are Christopher Blue. They are not a "hot" designer brand but they have a lot of stretch and come up high in the back you your underwear don't show. I get a lot of compliments on them. I was wearing them to the Nordstrom anniversary sale and I had three people ask me what kind of jeans I was wearing.

    I would also recommend brands like Paige and Rock & Republic for trendier labels. The jeans make my butt disappear (it's on the small side) but the skirts fit me really well. R&R has less stretch than Paige. If you buy Paige get them snug because they stretch a size or two after about 20 minutes.
  7. If you're new to designer jeans, I would go for the tried-and-true brands first: Seven for all mankind and Citizens of Humanity in their classic styles (basic bootcut/flare with a medium rise) in clean, versatile washes (new york dark and pacific). From there you can start expanding your collection of designer denim.
  8. Thanks!
  9. I love Sevens, Rock Republic, and Paige. Their are so many styles and colors that sometimes it can be hard to choose. In sevens, I would look into the medium wash New York cut. IMO, i think these are the most versitle. Also, check Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale going on right now. They have some great deals on Jeans right now. Good luck on your jean quest lol..
  10. i agree i think you should start off with something classic like seven for all mankind or citizens. they have a lot of the classic styles and washes. these brands are what started the whole denim craze, so they are worth checking out. imo they are also the easiest of premium denim brands to find when you are out shopping
  11. I'm confused. When people say Sevens, are they talking about 7 For All Mankind or the Seven jeans that are carried at Express?

    I really like 7 For All Mankind and True Religion. The True Religions fit my curvy butt really well!
  12. when ppl say "sevens" they don't mean the cheaper "seven" jeans at express, i think there was a lawsuit going on because seven for all mankind sued "seven" jeans.

    but anyways, look for the "seven for all mankind" brand and don't get fooled by the imitation brand "seven". i love SFAM jeans and i have them in so many washes and cuts.

    on a side note, almost all designer jeans are so freaking long i have to pay extra to tailor every single pair i own and mind you i am not exactly short. (i am 5'6 and 120lbs). so be prepared to get them tailored if you're not 5'8 or taller.
  13. Yup, all my designer jeans are tailored. They assume that since you're spending so much money on a pair of jeans you're going to get them hemmed to the perfect length anyway. Some women like to wear them with sky-high heels, others with flats. That way you can have them the way you want!

    Just make sure you go to a tailor who can reattach the original hem if you're buying 7FAM. You'll want them to look like they were made at the length you had them hemmed at.

    Oh, and I assumed that they all meant the 7FAM jeans and not the Sevens. I just wanted to double check. I cannot believe that they so BLATANTLY ripped off the name. Obviously they are capitalizing on people's naivete. Shame on them!
  14. awww man i splurge more on jeans than purses!!! i love joe's jeans -- but since ur tall i suggest HUdson jeans they make it for tall people and shows ur figures... if ur looking for a low rise jeans i love true religion as well but for the price go for frankie b (tdf) hahahaha i love jeans i must have 40+ pairs.. cant have enough!! seven jeans are awesome! if ur looking for bargain and u live in CA go to buffallo exchange...oh and J-brand jeans are the best -- however they are made for short people... im 5'2 so i get all my jeans cut
  15. ERNEST SEWN i looove their skinny jeans, also i like how the focus is on the fit and not just the logo. i like my seven jeans and habitual as well too.