new to designer handbags, is this fake or not?

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  1. Hi! I just joined the Purse Forum... I saw this cute Dior bag on my local craigslist and wanted to see if it was fake or not. I have a feeling it is after looking up how to spot a fake one, but perhaps you pros out there can tell me just by looking at the picture.

    The seller originally posted a few weeks ago at $35 and now it's up to $50, she says she bought it at sak's for $300 - is that too low for a Dior bag? I'm not sure because I'm new to designer handbags. Here's a photo... I can't find any pictures of that exact style online, so I'm thinking that it is fake. Please let me know your opinions!

    Also: how much do good, believable fake Dior bags cost? Thanks guys! :smile:
  2. Welcome to TPF!
    I can't see a picture and I'm not an expert, but $50 sounds very cheap to me for a authentic Dior and I know that there are a lot of fakes on craigslist.

    But like I said I'm not an expert so maybe you can place some pictures in the authenticate thread (see link below) and I'm sure the experts will help you there ;):
  3. Welcome to PF !

    That bag is fake, please visit the authenticate thread if you would like to have any other bags authenticated. if you look at the bags that we give thumbs up to, you can also get an idea of an average price of different models.;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.