New to Craiglist, selling advice?


Jan 4, 2009
I just started trying to sell on craigslist, and I already got scam emails to sell to Nigera. I know better than that, but now I am a little paranoid.

Yesterday I got an email that said "Is this item still available?" in the signature of the email, not the actual text. I responded to see if they were interested and they replied Today:

I really appreciate your response to my email.I want you to scan more
pictures and
consider it sold to me,pls do withdraw the advert from craigslist to
avoid disturbance.I want you to know that i will be paying via bank
certified check .I will like you to provide me with the following.
information to facilitate the mailing of the check to you ...
1.....Full name to write on the check
2.....Full Physical address to post the check
3.....City, State and Zip Code
4.....Home & Cell Phone to contact you
*** Note that the payment will be shiped to your address via UPS NEXT
DAY SERVICE and I will like you to know that you will not be
responsible for shipping i will have my mover come over as soon as you
have cashed the check** Thanks

I want to get a second opinion to check that this is valid. It seems like it could be a professional buyer/reseller or a scam. And why would a "mover" be required to pic up a pair of shoes?

Any responses would be greatly appreciated!


Jan 3, 2009
I would also use a email account that is a throw away to post, nothing personal, I made that mistake and now I get spammed 1000 times a day to my personal email, the report spam button never has worked!!


Feb 1, 2007
The message you received, and anything that is close to that kind of wording, is a scam. It has been said MANY times on here that craigslist=fakes and swindlers. You are most likely going to get scammed because that is where the scammers have been busted down to - Craigslist. I am sure a few people may have success stories, but there are so many more swindles than successes, it's not worth your time, IMO.


Jan 4, 2009
Thanks for the input!
I tried searching here by Craigslist (and craig's list) and didn't find any similar issues. I had also searched the name of the person in the email, but I didn't find anything as useful as the "Jerry" from that other thread.

I don't know if it will help anyone, but the scammer name for this was Cindy Nene and the one I got previously (the Nigeria scam) was Sandra Cool.
Jun 25, 2008
IMO, CL is by far the worst place to buy/sell designer bags. I use to sell there a lot, before the scammers took over the site. It is a cesspool of the worst kind of scammers imaginable...very low on the food chain.


Jan 4, 2009
I am mostly not selling bags, but I am already on tPF so figured it would be useful to ask here. I just have some extra stuff at home that I would like to make some money for (to buy more bags!) - ebay has not been good for that recently, and I get no interest on Bonanzle. I am open to other, low-fee selling site suggestions.

Also, the dummy email address suggested above is a great idea! I switched all my adds to a new address to keep my email safe from now on.

Luv n bags

Jun 4, 2008
For me, a tipoff that the "potential buyer" of a craigslist item is bogus: The email address list the first and last name of the person. 99.9% of the time, the person will put: is the item still available?.

If I see these two, I will respond: I accept cash or paypal only.
This usually ends all correspondence from scammers.
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Jan 4, 2009
Heh. Last year I was offering a stray CAT for adoption, and got a ton of Nigerian spam, all about paying me to ship the cat elsewhere. As if, as Alicia Silverstone would've said!


Oh wow! Just wow. Let me just wrap that up for you...

Actually, the Nigerian scam uses Paypal. So I am even paranoid about using paypal now!