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  1. Hello;

    How can I find out more detail of what kind of Coach purse I have is? I see it has ID number but not sure if that has design info.

    It has the id number 4C-9911

    Also, curious if it is true that all Coach production has moved to China.

    Any info apreciated.

  2. A fake one. That is a known number for a counterfeit Coach. Sorry.
  3. Yes, Coach is made in China, Turkey, Italy, USA, Domincan Republic, and other countries (not Korea)
  4. Here is pic of it.

  5. Ahhh, well.

    So, do you have refference/link to show me about the number 4C-9911 belonging to fake types? Would apreciate it.

    Also, still wondering what type stlye it is.

    Thanks RJ
  6. There is no Coach Style by that number.
  7. Thanks for your help. Much apreciated.

    The only question left is how to find out what style a legitamite coach purse is.

    I sold a different one recently on ebay that I feel certain was legit.

    number 035-6140

    Thanks RJ
  8. That is also a fake style number 035-6140 it dosn't exist! Sorry to tell you that! You can get into trouble for selling counterfits it's against the law and ebay will shut you down!! Do your research before you list any other bags
  9. Ok. I see. How do you find out? I went to and entered in the number on the search. Is this the way to find out? I wonder if that search only produces results for latest available models...

    Thanks for your help.
  10. I went to coach's drill down and it wasn't there, creed numbers always start with a letter then number letter and then style number when in doubt call coach they can verify what your bag should look like to the style number. Fakes can be spotted a mile away vs the real coach. The more research you do the more educated you will be.
  11. 04_12.jpeg

    This is the creed of off one of my bags
  12. number 035-6140
    That could be an older serial number. Why don't you post some photos in the authentication thread above.
  13. Ok thanks!

    The one I posted picture of above is sorta plastic looking. But, I got it cheap enough so I am not worried. I can just give it to a family member.

    But, the one with the 035-6140
    really felt like leather and looked authentic. Even had the little tag on chain arround the straps.

    I must admit I got fooled by this last one. The 4C-9911. But it is sorta plasticy and leathery....

    Considering that I am new at this I expect to take a few hits. But I did not pay that much.

    I think my best option is to call Coach directly. I will have to find that number at thier web site.

    I liked the link you sent me for style comparisons of older models, but is that a complete list?


    What is creed?

    Thanks again!