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  1. hi all! i am 40 years old and i have NEVER had a Coach bag. recently i walked into an outlet coach store for the first time, and while i still walked out empty handed i've been researching online, and thus ended up here on the purse forum!

    i guess this is my intro to the community. i have always loved handbags, but i've lived a meager existence. all my bags are from ross,tjmaxx,and marshalls...and i LOVE them all. i haven't counted purses, and i recently purged the closet they are stored in, but i have at least 30.

    i'm not good at introductions, but just wanted to let you all know i will be lurking and studying and whenever i finally get my first coach bag (i am obsessed with getting a matching bag and wallet) i will definately get the pics up! thank you for being fellow purse-obsessionists!
  2. Welcome to TPF!!!!! Its never too late. Hopefully you'll find one (or a few) for you.
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    :welcome2: to tPF, nursie! Nice to meet you!!

    I used to buy a bag every 2 months or so from Ross,TJ's,and Marshall's, too -- great bags at great prices & I always got compliments.

    But haven't bought one in a while because I can find a great bag at the factory outlet on sale that I carry for so much longer, so in the long run, I don't spend any more money than I was spending....for some reason, I always had it in my head that a really good bag was unattainable -- but it's not, and now I'm hooked on Coach!!

    Looking forward to your first reveal!
  4. Hey nursie! Welcome to Coach subforum :biggrin: Enjoy your time here. If you've got questions, you can always ask because our fellow Coachies are pretty helpful. When you get a new bag and you want to share with us, do a reveal. Reveals are fun!
  5. thank you for the quick welcomes!

    Just1More:you worded it well 'i always had it in my head that a really good bag was unattainable'...that's exactly how i've felt. and while i love my cheapie bargain bags, i just didn't realize why so many women were crowded in the coach outlets everytime i'd go to the cosmetics company outlet store (MAC from the CCO's is my other obsession)
  6. Welcome, nursie! I'm relatively new, also, to shopping Coach; but it's never too late to start!
  7. Be sure to sign up at -- just after I signed up, I started getting outlet coupons in the mail.

    And JIC you haven't seen it yet, you can keep up w/ outlet news in the Coach shopping sub-forum -- especially useful if you don't get an outlet email coupon, you can find out if there'll be coupons @ the door to help plan your shopping.
  8. welcome to the forum!!! let the obsession begin. would love to see pics when you pick a bag!
  9. Welcome to tPF! The ladies here are so helpful, so if you have any questions, just ask! You should be warned that Coach is very addictive..and so is this forum :P
  10. Welcome to TPF. You will love all the information, you'll aquire and the friends you will make on this sign. Again Welcome, Anne
  11. Hold onto your wallet Nursie, we'll find LOTS of great things for you!! WELCOME!!
  12. :welcome2: Hi nursie! I'm KINDA new here too.. (a few months) but it's fun here and I have spent too much money since I've found TPF so watch out! :P
  13. Welcome!
  14. :welcome2: tPF is great, I started here when I was new to Coach with only one Coach bag ... now I have quite a few more but I love them all. Have fun and ask all the questions you can think of :biggrin:
  15. Welcome!!!! The TPF is pure Coach Madness!!! LOL
    Everyone is very nice and willing to answer questions!!!! You can get truly addicted especially with all the great reveals from fellow Coachies!!!

    Lynne :biggrin: