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  1. So, I saw someone today with a bag that caught my eye: cuttery soft leather, shiny gold hardware, great shape. And to my surprise, I saw it was a coach! I've been thinking of getting a luxury bag and wat thinking about a Damier speedy, but after browsing the Coach site, I want the Madison Sophia is brass/bone! Any tips for getting a good deal? I mean $358 isn't a bad price, but if I can get it for less, I'll try!

    Looking forward to joining you gals on the Coach board. :yahoo:
  2. Coach does PCE (preferred customer events) every so often. There's one going on now.. so if you check the PCE thread you might be able to get someone's web code to get 25% off if they aren't using it!

    But past that.. you could chance it and wait for it to go to the outlet and snag it there, but there's always the risk of it not going, or not going to an outlet near you, or it selling out.
  3. You could always ask for the PCE discount at the store. Some will give it to you, others won't, but it doesn't hurt to ask!

    ETA: discount ends this Sunday, though!
  4. Oh yeah, that too. I've had managers extend the PCE to me before. It's real hit or miss though.