New to Coach!

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  1. I do believe I've become an addict to window shopping for Coach. However, I'm ready to stop window shopping and get myself one! :nuts:
    Should I search Ebay for a deal or buy directly from Coach or my local Coach outlet? Does Coach replace bags that wear and tear (do they have an insurance policy, etc.) ?

    Thanks gals!
  2. hello - I would go to the local outlet and see what you can find - the hot talk of the town are the Zoe's and Peytons ;) I am a frequent shopper of the outlets in my area :yahoo:

    You can go to the their website and read about the policy - I and friends have returned bags not for wear and tear but for defects and have rec'd credits for the item.
  3. Welcome to tPF!! Here's my suggestion, take a look at what the full price boutique has too offer but resist the temptation to buy (if you can!). Instead of window shopping, get in there and get your hands on the bags (feel 'em, try 'em on). Then, take a trip to the outlet. Check out some of the stuff from past seasons and the made for factory (MFF) lovelies the outlet has to offer. You'll be ready to make a decision about getting the most bang for your buck (outlet) vs. getting what's red hot, right now (boutique).

    Here's the scoop on repairs from

  4. I second Johnnie's advice. Welcome to TPF!
  5. Welcome to TPF! I agree with everyone else, wait until you go to the outlet before you buy. Be warned though, once you buy one you'll want more....and more....and more....
    Enjoy them, they're gorgeous bags!
  6. :welcome2: to tPF! Definitely check out your outlet before buying as some amazing deals can be had there...also, the Outlet Shopping section of this forum is a goldmine and tPFers will frequently post about hot deals at specific outlets...that's how I scored my Camel Lily :yes: :tup:
  7. very good advice,,, i myself am a new coach convert,,, i am however not new to having an ongoing "bag of some sort" addiction,,, so i jumped right in,,, after deciding on a couple of different styles,,, peyton,,, zoe,,, sabrina,,, julianne,,, i went to a coach store and tried em on,,, just like what johnniegirlatl said,,,, i decided with absolutly no doubts,,,, that i was in love w/ peytons,, juliannes,,, & zoes!!! in that order too.... so i made a 2 hr journey to the closest coach outlet mall,,,,TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! i scored a green metallic peyton for 1/2 price,,, a lilac patent lrg zoe,,, for $181!!!! WHOA!!! and then scored a magenta julianne on the bay,,,, just the other day,,, after seeing one on one of our pfers here!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE,,,, so good luck,,, just go for it!!!:yahoo:
  8. Welcome to TPF! I second Johnniegirl's advice, I love shopping at the outlets, but I also love browsing at the boutique even when I don't buy anything. It's so much fun to see and feel the bags, they often look so different IRL. And it's great fun to get a great deal at the outlet, too. Just IMHO, but I'd stay away from *bay at first until you get to know the bags better, since you can't see it first and usually can't return it later. But if/when you buy on *bay, make sure you post first in the "Authenticate this Coach" thread to make sure what you're getting isn't a fake.

    GL and enjoy whatever bag(s) you end up with.
  9. welcome! outlets more often than not have amazing deals on bags that are generally still the same condition they were in at the boutique. it is really fun to go and find treasures for such discounted prices. for first coach purchases i would head to an outlet. save your must haves for the boutique or if they are really rare and hard to come by.
  10. I also agree with JohnnieGirl... Welcome and enjoy, it is a great addiction... Please send pic's of the first great bag (s) LOL.:welcome2:
  11. Welcome to TPF. Have fun. Go to outlet first is my advice esp being new to Coach. Your bound to find something you like. Especially go this weekend if you can cuz of addl 20% off coupon in the Shopping forum.
  12. I want to by a bags:woohoo:
  13. Welcome!! I agree with everyone when they say go to the boutique to look, and purchase at the outlets. Once you've familiarized yourself with the authentic look and feel for Coach, as well as what a great deal is on their products, then I would shop eBay!

    Have fun and hope to see you around here! :biggrin:
  14. I agree with the others to familiarize yourself with Coach at the stores before you buy on eBay. But I believe there is a thread here that can help you authenticate eBay bags before you buy. I love to shop the outlet though ours is almost 2 hours away. We happened to be there one weekend where the "already" marked down items were an additional 50% off that day. I walked away with $800 worth and paid only $240. Outlets are great! But they may not necessesarily have the item you went there for.