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  1. Hi! I'm new to buying designer handbags and everything, but I love the Coach bags. I was wondering what you thought would be a good first Coach purse that I could buy, or ask to get as a graduation present that's reasonable (I graduate in June)? Thank you for your help!
  2. Hi! Welcome to tPF and to Coach!

    So, what kind of bags do you like? Signature or leather? Large or small? Do you like colorful bags or do you prefer neutrals?
  3. Hi and welcome!

    The great thing about Coach is that there are so many different styles/colors to choose from. Carly seems like a favorite for many, and I love my ergos, especially the hobos.

    Good luck and have fun making your choice! And early congrats. on your graduation! Hope the remainder of the year passes quickly!
  4. Welcome!!! You'll love it here!
  5. I don't think you can do wrong with any Coach! i would recommend looking at and see if anything catches your eye!
  6. How about a Bleeker Large Flap in Khaki/Black? It's a great size - lots of room but doesn't look like an overly large bag on you. Plus the colors go great with everything!

    Disclaimer: I am biased because this is my favorite bag!
  7. Welcome to Coach! My very first Coach bag was a small soho signature hobo. It was a great first Coach IMO. Lucky for you, they just brought back the Soho collection! Go to and take a look at the soho signature small flap and any of the soho hobos! I hope you find something you like!
  8. I'm interested in the Signature Stripe Patchwork Shoulder Bag, the Hamptons Weekend Stripe Tote, and most of the Carly bags interest me. The only problem is which one to buy! I'd love to get one before I go to France in April, but I'm not sure which one yet
  9. Welcome! I think Carly would be a great start - it's become a classic style and the leather ones are really nice! They'll match with a lot of your clothes, plus they're roomy! Let us know what you decide!
  10. Welcome!!!! I agree with margaritamix the carly will be perfect!
  11. Welcome. I agree w/Margaritaxmix and abitzberger - a Carly bag would be a fab 1st coach bag. They are classic and can hold quite a bit. I espcially like the leather ones.
  12. I think a leather Carly is a good idea too! Tomorrow I'll probably go to my bank and deposit a few paychecks and then later this week head over to the Coach store at the closest mall to me (I'm not sure if it's retail or outlet, but I'm pretty sure it's retail) and search around. If they have a brass/tan leather Carly then I'll probably buy it. Thank you for the help!:flowers:
  13. Welcome. I think Carly is hot :smile: enjoy
  14. I think that the carly would be a nice bag for a first. Along with some of the other gals my first was a soho sig hobo too! I love that bag, but I quickly grew out of it! And I had to upgrade(But it is still my favorite bag in my collection!!!:love:)

    I think if your looking for something a lil smaller you could try the slim carly(she pretty, but too small for me)

    OH YEAH BY THE WAY WELCOME!!:yahoo::flowers:
  15. Hi and welcome!!!

    I would say you first need to decide whether signature or leather catches your eye, and also what you need for your wardrobe and lifestyle. As Fashionista suggests, take a look at and see what catches your attention. Better yet, take the time to walk around a Coach boutique, factory store, or dept store. It's always better to view the bags in person because they never look the same as online...especially regarding color and how they slouch without the mountain of packing materials. Some of the bags are also very heavy, which might bother you. At the store, they will let you try to bag on and walk around with your own contents just to see how you like it.

    Once you decide on the bag, then you can do price searches and choose your venue for purchase. A lot of the retail stuff is showing up early on at the factory stores, or also you can purchase cheaper on Ebay (as long as you are careful).