New to Coach which styles have been discontinued

  1. i only discovered Coach in the Dec sale and am interested in which styles have been discontinued- I am in the Uk

    I have bought edie, Crosby carryall and cross body, and Sophia tote are these still available or have they been discontinued?
  2. It is hard to say what has been discontinued because Coach has launched many, many styles over the years and they tend to re-launch variations on older lines over time.

    The Sophia bags are not available right now, and some Edie, Nomad, Swagger, Mercer, and Hologram items are showing up in the outlets so they may be discontinued (at least for awhile) or Coach may release new versions from these lines with variations - soon or in the future.

    I used to worry that "I might miss the perfect bag!" and rush to buy, but then I realized that there are always new "perfect bags" coming out; and I can be choosy and wait to see what appeals to me and that I can get at a good price.
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  3. Thank you for your reply we don't have much choice over here -very few stores and only 2 small outlets -no PCE etc so purchases are largely online sight unseen and once I find a style that works I'd like it in more colours but am finding it hard to find them!! A trip to the US is clearly needed!!! Just wish the exchange rate would pick up!!!
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  4. I'm in the UK too. I discovered Coach in New York on my first trip there in the 90s. I have a few Coach and bags now. Keep an eye on TK Maxx. I've got a couple there including this beauty which I am besotted with.

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  5. Wow my local TKmaxx never has anything decent I'm in the north midlands
  6. Hi elvisfan4life xx Bicester village have a coach outlet I bought a nice bag from there ( need to dig it out my cupboard ) .ive given up on the mulberry and high end bags too much money for what they are .. And mulberry design is just awful now ..hope your well x
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  7. Monnier freres site is now saying they will no longer carry sophia, edie, swagger or. Crosby styles- they have some on thesite but i guess when sold will not be restocked. I have to say these are all my fav styles!!!! I need to visit as US outlet

    Currently the same site is showing
    Turnlock tote
    Market tote
    Duffle bag

    These styles arent for me which only leaves me with

    Dinky- bought 2 recently and wontuse more as dont do small bags
    Saddle bags- again bought 2 so feel i wpnt be adding more

    Now i do love the last 2 styles typical as they are the most expensive but will there be other styles appearing soon?
  8. Have you seen the new Rogue tote? Worth what it costs. The Brooklyn is an awesome bag and there are new colors this spring. My niece was just in London and stopped at the Coach store and she said they had a huge business. Stuart Vevers has done wonders for Coach.The Do know some of these bags are heavy. The Rogue is a fabulous bag and the tea rose Rogues are stunning. I have a Dinky with tea roses on it and get more compliments than I ever thought I would. Now there is a double Dinky which should be fun.
  9. Hi my lovely i completely forgot you have coach. Have just discovered it in the sale in dec - will have to wait until the next sale now for any more but you are so right rogue and brooklyn are by far my favs!!! The tea rose bags are so so sweet but id be scared to use them -would just look at them like the works of art they are lol. I am using my sadlle bgs every day time about
  10. Hi there just seen you here I have given up on mulberry too I just hate the way the brand has gone and you know I was its biggest fan we should do a coach meet up at Bicester!!! Hope you are good
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