New to Coach, need opinions. TIA!

  1. I am new to Coach and I am really interested in getting a Carly. My only trouble is should I get the medium or the large. I am wondering which one would fit better on the shoulder. I do not carry a ton of stuff but I am not sure that the 6 1/2 drop on the medium is going to fit on my shoulder. I guess I should get the large. It is really that heavy? What do you guys think?
  2. I have a medium and a large (and the baby one, too!) so I'm probably not a good one to ask :p
    I don't find the large too heavy but I am used to carrying obscenely heavy bags! I love how you can put everything in it and it's got a great slouch. The medium is what I use for when I don't want to carry everything, just the basics.
    Some people have a problem with the Carly slipping off their shoulder. I haven't had the problem but I have linebacker shoulders ;) FWIW, I'm 5'2 and about 125 for size reference.
    Good luck deciding! I don't think you can go wrong either way!
  3. I am 5"4 and carry the medium Carly. The strap drop does not include the slouch of the bag so the drop is actually longer. I carry tons in my bag and it fits me perfectly. The large was just too overpowering for my frame. Hope this helps- it's a great bag and perfect choice for your first Coach!
  4. I'm 5'9" and I agree about having to take into account the slouch. While I would love a longer drop, the slouch does make it more than what it sounds like. I am pretty happy with my medium. I am being drawn to the large. It's just still a tad too big to me. I wish they made an in-between medium and large Carly size that wasn't the slim depth. I love the heighth/width measurements and the drop on the slim but not other things about it (depth/patent trim).
  5. You really have to try this bag on in person or on that virtual try on feature on the website. I am not petite so the medium doesn't look great on me but the large looks much better. I don't own one though but I admire them every time I go into the store. What color do you want to get ?
  6. i love my medium! i can get it comfortably on my shoulder over my coat and it is jutt big enoguh
  7. girl you are going to get a lot of conflicting answers here lol!! I own the large and i am 5'6 medium built. the medium just didn't look right on me. YOU are really going to have to try it on yourself.
  8. While I would love to try it on, none of th stores around me are carrying the Carly. I have not idea why.
  9. I think I may just get the large and see how I like.
  10. I would definitely go with the large! I say the bigger the better, but thats just me and I carry alot in my purse. But, the medium is also a good size.
  11. I would go with the large I love it I have 2 of them.. what color are you going to get??
  12. I love both sizes, they serve different purposes. But if can only afford one, it'd depend on what your plans are for it (will it be an everyday bag, what will you need to have in it, etc). The fabric Carlies are lighter than the all leather ones of the same size. I have a fabric large Carly and love it for when I need to carry ALL my items. The medium will fit the essentials only. Good luck on your decision!

  13. I think either black leather or signature, I can't decide. I really love the chocolate too. Decisions.
  14. I'm 5'4-5'5 and I don't really carry too too much, but I just got the sig. large Carly and LOVE it.
    Its nice that it can only hold and few things and look great with the slouch, but if you need to carry alot, it can hold that too!

  15. Yeah I think I may get the signature. This will be an everyday bag.