New to Coach--need a great work bag!

  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking to make my first Coach purchase. I'm in the market for a bag I can carry for job interviews in the fashion industry in the Chicagoland area. I just got a new black suit from J. Crew that I love, the jacket is short and fitted and the trousers are wide legged, so it's a very classic look with a trendy edge to it. I would like to stay away from all-leather bags as I already have a MbyMJ huge leather luxy Faridah in chalk (it isn't structured enough, and a little too trendy to wear with my suit, imo), plus I really like the signature look with leather trim.

    I'm also 5'10", so I need a larger bag. I need to fit my planner, MAC medium makeup bag, bottle of water, wallet, and the notebook that holds my resumes/business cards inside whatever bag I buy.

    I really like the Carly styles, but I also like the classic looking signature tote with silver hardware. I wear a platinum wedding set and stainless steel Tag watch and white gold jewelry for the most part, although I don't think I'd mind mixing the brass hardware of the Carly with the white metals of my jewelry. What do you think would be a great bag for me?

    Thanks in advance--I really enjoy reading this forum and seeing all your beautiful Coach collections!
  2. Since you don't mind mixing metals, a good option is the Hamptons Business Bag. It holds everything and always keeps its structure, making it look polished for interviews. Previous versions came in nickel, so you might even be able to find one on eBay or at outlets.
  3. I have a Hamptons Business Tote and LOVE it. I use it all the time for work, I'm a teacher/substitute teacher and it holds everything I need. It easily holds files and folders, with room to spare. Plus I'm a big girl (around :p ) and not really that tall, and the shoulder straps fit nicely. So if you are on the smaller side it would fall nicely on you. And since it is a bigger bag (around 16" long x 12" or so tall) I think it would look nice on your 5'10 frame.

    Plus the Hamptons plain leather and signature versions had nickel hardware, where as the peppled/perferated ones had brass hardware. I'm like you I can't completely get into the brass on the Carly. In fact that's the nuber one reason why I don't dig the Carly.
  4. i would say any of the signature stripe totes or the gallery totes would be good for work
  5. A Legacy Slim Tote would be nice & fashionable too.
  6. Hi Monarch! Welcome to TPF!! I'd have to say all the the girls reccomendations above are excellent choices! Let us know which you choose. And please feel free to post pics when you do!
  7. Thanks for your fast replies everyone!

    I forgot to mention my price range, which is ~$400, I can play with that a little but I'd prefer to not exceed $500 after taxes and possibly shipping if I end up buying online.

    I really, really love the style of the Carly. I love the shoulder strap and detailing...I'm not sure about which color combo I'd prefer, though. I like the khaki/brass/black combo a lot, I think I'd be able to wear it both to work and on weekends/evenings with jeans as well, which would be great. Since I'm in a more creative industry, I think I could get away with the less-structured look of this bag.

    OTOH, I also like the look and versatility of the business tote as well as the Chelsea signature tote with silver hardware. They're both professional looking, and can hold a ton of related materials, as it sounds from some of your posts.

    So I think I'm between the large Carly in either brass/khaki/black (holds a lot, great styling, can wear with jeans), or black/black...or one of the signature totes (holds a lot, structured and professional).

    Question I forgot to include in my original post: do you think walking into an interview with a big ol' Coach bag (LOL) says "I'm fab and I have great taste," or does it say, "look at my big ol' Coach bag, I'm a bit pretentious?" I'm a very outgoing person, but I also like to err on the side of modesty and I'd hate to give off the impression that I'm more into keeping up appearances...maybe I'm just being silly. There are a lot of stereotypes of the typical suburban Chicago gal here, though, and although I don't buy into all of that I know that some people do, whether it's right or wrong. Again, though, I am probably overthinking that whole thing...when I see a well-dressed woman with a beautiful bag I just tend to think she has great style and takes pride in her appearance.

    Thanks again for your replies, you are all so helpful!

    ETA: finecabernet: maybe I should check the outlet? I haven't been in one since two summers ago (I know! I'm not a big outlet fan, though...I don't have the attention span it takes to dig around for the best deals, lol!) but if there is a possibility that I could find a great larger tote there I will definitely make a run there this week. I'm about half an hour from the Aurora outlet mall and I'm not working right now so if the outlet is a good option I'll check it out! Thanks!
  8. There was an newspaper or magazine article posted on this forum a few months back that had a bunch of appearance tips for interviewing. One of them was specifically to buy a Coach bag! Coach is refined and makes you look pulled together; it's classic and conservative, but not stuffy. I think it's an excellent choice and all of the suggestions here have been great! Good luck!
  9. Welcome, monarch!!!

    OK I know you said you don't want a leather bag but I need to shamelessly plug my black leather Ali which is my current job interviewing sidekick!! As much as I love the Carly, the Ali has a more structured and polished, corporate look. It's a great size, shoulder drop is tdf and it's just so darn comfy and good looking. another thing I love is that it doesn't scream any particular brand and is elegant and understated. That's just what I need for interviewing I have a ton of coach signature and LV too, so I know when to show 'em and when not to if you KWIM. Give it a try!! OH and it's also in your price range too...

  10. ^^... and here's the pic too:

  11. Thanks for the link to that article, Mokoni! I just finished reading it, very interesting! However, now I'm worried about pens, LOL! Somewhere I have a Cross pen I received when I graduated college about 5 years ago!

    Pursegirrl, I love the Ali style...but I have a leather portfolio that holds my resumes/legal pad/etc. that I would like to carry with me inside my bag...I don't think it would fit inside the Ali, unfortunately. The bag is beautiful, though, and you're right that it doesn't scream 'designer bag' but is still gorgeous.
  12. I was at the outlets in Lahaska, PA a month or so ago, and while they didn't have the business tote, they had something very similar, just a tad smaller. They also had a lot of book totes in a variety of sizes, that's another good option for you.

    The Macys at KofP mall has a business tote in brown with the nickel hardware...maybe they could order it for you?

    As an additional benefit you'll have a great business bag once you get your great job!
  13. Some other ideas...

    large signature gallery tote, $398: probably understated enough for what you need - ?

    I also like the Hamptons business tote as others have posted...very understated and elegant! at $458, it's not too out of your price range either :graucho: