New to Coach... Carly or Soho?


    hey all, i'm new to coach and i'm trying to find a starter bag other than a swing pack. i was at the boutique yesterday and saw this carly top handle pouch bag and liked it b/c it was mid size and not too busy with the coach logo.

    i was also thinking about a small soho with the coach logo, but worry that it won't fit on the shoulder. i do have thin arms, so for reference i can fit usually fit small handle bags on my shoulders, BUT i've never tried out a small coach hobo.

    any recommendations for these two styles i mentioned? if my bags have logos, i usually like smaller sizes b/c i can't take big bags with logos, too loud for me.
  2. I have both bags and I absolutely love my Carly! I do have the large size, but it's just a great bag. The Soho is very nice as well. Honestly, it's all about your personal preference. Go try them on again, you've picked two beautiful bags. I don't think you could go wrong with either one.
  3. Even when I weighed more I was able to fit the Soho small hobo on my arm. I think you will have no problem. I can barely fit the pouches over my arm even now.
  4. I'm a fan of the Carly. I have a demi signature Carly on its way to me and I'm a little nervous about it fitting over my shoulder...especially since I'm looking for a year round bag that can fit over my heavy coat. I guess I'm just totally partial to the Carly's. They're so cute!
  5. I'm a much bigger fan of the soho line. In fact, I only really like the standard hobos.
  6. Oh and yeah, I at one time weighed 265 pounds - and the small hobo (soho) fit over my arm.
  7. this is my small hobo with a sweatshirt on, so it can DEFINATELY fit over your shoulder.

  8. LOL. Why not both?

    I am a fan on their Soho line (Hobos! Yay!), but I have been eyeing a Carly for my next big purchase.

    I would say go to a boutique or outlet and see them IRL and see which one appeals to you more. Then again, you could always spot another style that you want as well ;)