New to Coach and trying not to go bonkers!

  1. I have been obsessed with Balenciaga for the last two years. It has been an extremely expensive habit. A combination of events both here and in my own life, as well as a change in my wardrobe, has changed my thinking on bbags and I have said goodbye to all of them. Lately I have been looking at Coach constantly. The only Coach piece I have right now is a mini skinny, but I do have a new bag on the way, a chocolate monogram small hobo.

    So, I just wanted to introduce myself to the Coach folks and I will be lurking around here a lot, trying to learn all that I can about these bags!
  2. Welcome to the Coach part of the forum, Lori! :smile:

    Of course if you have any questions about anything feel free to ask us. Everyone here is very knowledgeable about Coach, and a few of us even work for the company!
  3. Welcome! but seriously... if you are trying NOT to go bonkers over coach, you are in the wrong place, lol..;)
  4. Welcome to the dark side... :graucho:

    I agree w/ Marilee, if you are trying not to go bonkers, definitely in the wrong

    Everyone here is so helpful, so ask many questions.
  5. ^^Thanks! And I know...I will go bonkers, it's in my nature. *L* However, I will at least get more bags for my money here.
    And gorgeous bags they are...:graucho:
  6. ^That's exactly right. I've strayed from Coach twice. Once for Chanel, and once for Fendi, but the prices were just way too outrageous. Coach has awesome leather, and awesome styles for awesome prices (when compared to all the other designer stuff, anyway!)
  7. lorrriiiii!!!! good to see you here!

    may i kindly point you in the direction of a nice new keyfob or accessory to perhaps commemerate your joining of the coach world? :graucho:
  8. ^^thanks kallison! I am contemplating a new charm or something, I plan to go to Dillards and check em out. Just another reason to love Coach...the actually sell them in my hick town!
  9. Congrats and welcome. This is a great place to meet great ladies, also!
  10. welcome and if you're like me, hearing everyone drool over everything will make you want to catch up..heehee:p
  11. ditto! i'm an hour from a coach boutique- but gotta love dillard's (and occasionally our macy's)!

    let us know what you pick up!
  12. Welcome to the Coach Forum! The ladies here are very knowledgable, friendly and helpful on this forum. I know you will find many new items to fill your handbag wardrobe. In particular Coach is going to have a great Fall 2007 line so start saving up.
  13. Welcome!:flowers:
  14. Hi Lori!

    Welcome to our world!:welcome:
  15. welcome! we have fun over here!!