New to Coach and site


Love Life
Dec 19, 2006
Hi everybody,
I am new to Coach and this site. I picked up a Coach purse at Dillards #10339, sorry I don't know the name of it. I was wondering if it has a matching checkbook style wallet. I bought one to go with it, but it has silver hardware as the purse has gold. The Sales lady told me it didn't have one that matches...any ideas?
Loving the Coach bag!!:heart:

I don't think they have a checkbook for that purse, but they do have these cute wallets

of course it comes in khaki/black & black/black

I have that same bag... I bought the matching Legacy Signature French Framed Purse/40263 (wallet-- for cash, change, DL) and Legacy Signature Wristlet/40223 (for credit cards the wallet doesn't have room for, loyalty cards, receipts) and I'm using the checkbook part of a checkbook wallet that goes with another one of my bags. I know its a lot of stuff but I need to carry my checkbook with me! Hope this helps...


P.S. Excuse all the extra stuff... I took this pic for the Whats In Your Coach Bag thread.;)