New to Coach and need help please!


Which one, new to Coach but getting addicted!

  1. 1st pic - one from Outlet

  2. 2nd pic - Sig duffle

  3. Neither - always need other

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  1. Ok so I finally got my first Coach purse in Sept and I think I am becoming addicted :yes:

    Anyhow, I am looking for a tan color one now and I have it down between 2 I think. I bought one at the outlets, but am not so sure about it. It is a little wider then I wanted, color is fine. I like that the hardware is silver, not gold, but..I do not like that it doesn't have an outside pocket. I love that to put my phone in. Of course the price was good. This is the purse:


    My other option is this new one from Coach. It does have an outside pocket.


    Which do you think I will like better over time? I like the 2nd one's size a tad better, the first one is just a little big I think. I used to carry one that size, but after my first small Coach purse I realize how nice it is not hauling the crap.

    My husband said the first one is a grandma purse :rolleyes:

    I know it is stupid I can't make up my mind, but I won't be getting another one for a while and I know you ladies know everything and anything abotu Coach and will give good advice!


  2. I don't know everything about Coach since I'm pretty new as well but I like the 2nd one better too. It looks more up-to-date than the first IMO. I have a thing for the dogleash clip though! LOL! Plus if you know that you want an outside pocket then you should get a bag with that feature so you'll be happier in the long run. And it's not stupid that you can't make up your mind. I go back and forth all the time because I want to love it, I want it to last me a long time and I can't be buying every single one that turns my head! Good luck and congrats on whichever you choose.
  3. Well I am glad someone understands my important decision! Lol. That is it, my husband doesn't get the whole Coach purse thing anyhow, so what I buy has to be what I really want. The 2nd one will be about $100 more, but oh well. It want to go back to the Coach store to make sure there isn't anything else I would like, but I think the 2nd one is it really. Size, color, price, etc.

    I do wish the second was silver hardware, however, to me silver and tan probably aren't the best combo, I am just not a gold person!

    Thanks for giving me your opinion, I really do appreciate it!!

  4. I like the 2nd one better.
  5. I like the 2nd one best too. I can't see the first pic though.
  6. I don't usually like the duffles but I like the 2nd bag better than the first & it has the handy outside pocket.
  7. The second bag just looks nicer than the 1st in my opinion
  8. Another vote for the second!
  9. i like the first one better !! I'm the strange one ,around here !! lol !!
  10. 2nd one!

    (i, too, like the silver hardware on the first...but the 2nd one is more aesthetically pleasing to me).
  11. It's funny you are asking this... I have a leather Coach duffle shaped like your #1. This one:

    Then when the duffles like #2 came out, I had to have one.

    (I'm using the pics above as examples, my purchases came from the Coach store and are authentic, I have no idea if these are but they give you the idea)

    I love the hardware on #2, the leather is perfect as always, but... The one shaped like #1 was easier to use. And I'm pretty minimalistic in what I carry inside my bags, but the #2 shaped one started getting on my nerves trying to get things in and out of it. So I am back to carrying my #1 shaped duffle again and am so much happier.

  12. i have a black duffle like the one above and I ADORE it, even with all my 'fancier' bags I carry this all the time (also have it in red signature with suede bottom from outlet)! I think its a nearly perfect bag. Therefore I voted for #2, think it will last the test of time!
  13. Side note for anyone that likes # 2 bag, at my Macy's tonight, they had the dark brown trim leather for 25% off, it was only $171. If I wanted one more for winter I would have gotten it, but I want a lighter bag for Spring/Summer, so...sure was tempting though!

    Thanks for all the feedback!!

  14. ;) Lisa i have the same two the 1st i have it in the same color and the 2nd one i have it in the khaki.
  15. Slecompte i say go with the second one it is one of their newest bags and i love the fact that it has a outside pocket.So you can put more stuff in it. I want that same one but in the chocolate.