New to CL - need name and sizing help!

  1. Hi Ladies, I am quite new to CL, can someone tell me what the name of this shoe is?? The Saks website does not mention the exact name. TIA!!
    CL Cork.jpg
  2. I don't know the name but they look great :tup:
  3. Thanks! Although, I am planning to get the darker cork since I already have a pair of suede CD's in the same color as the light cork and almost the same style...
    CL dark cork.jpg
  4. I don't know the style name either, but the TMORO def looks better! :tup:

  5. i love them
  6. I love thoese. I saw them on the NM site. I was thinking of getting them for summer.
  7. Hi, Did you definitely see them on the NM site? I just looked and cant find them. I found them on the Saks site. TIA!
  8. Ohh, sorry. It was Saks. :smile:
  9. i'm planning to preorder these....but i have to get the blue suede declics first..
  10. Hi, do you know the name of this shoe?? TIA!