New to CL and was wondering if there is a

  1. thread some where that tells you the different styles/names. What I mean is I look at one pair that is called prive and one says no prive, what's the difference? And how can i tell the heel hight? TIA. Hopefully soon I will be sharing pics of shoes with you guys!:yes:
  2. There is no official place on these threads to list styles/names but if you browse this thread, there are pictures that are mostly captioned.
  3. can anyone tell me what prive means?
  4. xnplo, thanks
  5. If you go to the CL official website, there are picture profiles w/ names... :yes:

    Numero Prive/No Prive/NP = slingback peeptoe w/ hidden platform
    Very Prive/VP = closed back peeptoe w/ hidden platform
  6. thanks so much!!!:tup: