New to Chloe! Some pricing questions...

  1. Hi! As in the title I'm new to Chloe and am looking on eBay to make my first purchase. I have read through the thread with regards to authentication which was very helpful, but I still find it very difficult to tell. I suppose I will be making a lot of posts in the "Authenticate this" thread!

    Anyways, I am wondering what a new Chloe Paddington bag retails for (as a basis for comparison as I shop on eBay).

    Also, I have come across several "used" bag auctions on eBay that have ended under $500 CAD. Is this a too-good-to-be true price even for a used bag? I'm wondering around how much I should expect to pay on ebay for Chloe Paddingtons.

    Thanks in advance for any help! I know that these amateur question threads are kind of a bore, so I appreciate anyone who reads through my post! :love:
  2. It's difficult to define a set price.:yes:

    Since the paddies went on sale last year, the price of a genuine used and/or new bag has come down quite a bit, especially on eBay.

    It's possible to get a well used genuine paddy on eBay for $500, if you shop around and know what you're looking for. A member here recently got a grenat silverado for $550, so it does happen.:yes:

    The average new retail price varies quite alot - from $1400-$1800, depending on colour, style, where sold, etc.

    I think the only bags that really hold their price on eBay are the rare exotic skins and the colours that are no longer available to buy retail, such as Whiskey, Grenat, Bleu nuit etc.

    Then there's the Vegas limited edition paddington bag which is very originally retailed for £999, and i wouldn't be surprised if it makes pretty near that on the secondary market.

    I think it's safe to say that any bag that settles around the $200 mark is most likely a fake, however, there are also many fakes out there that sell for more than $1000 a piece - so you have to take each bag on it's own merits and judge accordingly.

    If you see any you like, or just want some opinions on, feel free to post them up on the 'Authenticate this' section where we'll be glad to help.:flowers:
  3. Thank you so much! That info was really helpful!!

    What are the more common, or "cheaper" colours? (I've seen the whiskey and it's DEVINE! Too bad it's discontinued.)
  4. I think the colors sell in waves: right now there seem to be a lot Chocolat's available.

    Most of the fakes seem to be of Blanc or Whiskey.

    The 07 colors are in good supply right now, none of them seem to be really "hot".
  5. You're welcome, eliza - i hope you find what you're looking for:flowers:

    P.S I agree with hmwe, the colours you quite often see faked are whiskey (which, when faked, looks like a washed out icky brown/tan:yucky:) and the lighter colours.

    Although, i have seen a sudden influx of cheap, stiff looking chocolate paddies on eBay - if you check the 'beware the fakes' thread, you'll see what i mean.;)
  6. Definetly learn what a real one looks like. Pricing shouldnt really be your guide as some really bad fakes are on ebay for 1k and some genuine bags are available for 500. I recently got one for 500 so I count myself very lucky!