new to chloe - seasonal marcie colors?

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  1. Hi all! I'm new to Chloe but the more I search, the more I lust after a Marcie Medium Satchel....

    It's gonna take me quite awhile to save up for mine, but I'm wondering if there's info out there about what the autumn 2016 colors will be? I haven't been able to find this anywhere, but I assume they change season to season...

    Thanks so much for any info!!
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    Last edited: Mar 16, 2016
  3. Great link, thanks!! However I am particularly interested in the Marcie satchel, and I don't see any Marcies on that list. Are there new Marcie colors every season? Or are Marcies being phased out, since they're an older design?

    I feel a bit ridiculous discovering this bag so long after it came out, but I'm hoping I haven't totally missed the boat on the Marcie satchel. Thanks!
  4. Marcie is part of classic collection and they offer it every season in black, Nut and Tan if I'm not mistaken. other colors are seasonal. Yet it's difficult to find Fall colors, SS just hit the stores (and I picked up one in Steel Blue) in February :heart:
    Is there any particular color you are looking for? Marcie is an amazing bag, versatile and it just gets better with wear.
  5. Thank you!! No particular color I'm looking for, just trying to plan ahead for saving purposes :smile: Some of the spring colors I've seen are quite pretty (including the steel blue! congrats!) but I wouldn't want to miss out on one of those if I don't end up liking the fall colors.

    In any event my obsessive planning is probably a moot point since it'll take me forever to save up for one. Might be looking at choosing from the spring 2017 colors at this rate!

    Thanks for the info!! Glad to hear it's a hard-wearing versatile bag - that's just what I'm looking for :smile: