New to Chloe Party!


Nov 5, 2009
Hi Guys! I just bought the chloe paraty in deep red (always wanted a dark red/burgundy bag) and I LOVE it. My friend who was with me was just going to give her opinion on the bag and she ended up buying the perforated Marcie. (also a beautiful bag!)

As this is my first chloe bag I had a question. Does the leather on the paraty soften at all with time? I like my bags to have structure but be mushy at the same time, (like the balenciagas) Does that make sense?


Sep 12, 2011
Brussels, Belgium
Yes it does soften, it gets more slouchy with time and the purse adapts more to the shape of your body. It will never be as slouchy as a Bal though, Chloe leather is much thicker.
Feb 8, 2013
Los Angeles & Saigon
The only complaint I have about the Chloe Paraty over time is that if you put heavy things in your bag, the bottom will begin to sag and it does not look very nice! I would recommend putting something comparable to a piece of cardboard at the bottom of the bag if you don't want that saggy look -- some people are okay with it but I think it makes it lose its feminine form.