New to Chloe need feedback

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  1. Personally, I LOVE it. I love red and the strap makes it edgy. I think I might have to sell mine and hunt one of these down. :smile:
  2. Thank you buckeyemommy. What do you think of the red peony color? Just worried it might look more pink in light then red.
  3. Thank you buckeyemommy. What do you think of the red peony color? Just worried it might look more pink in light then red.
  4. My friend bought a paraty in this exact color and she said it was more pink than red so she had to return it, even it was on sale.

  5. Since they are all handmade I wonder if the reds would differ slightly? Chloe told me its red but does have pink undertones..wonder if hollyberry is a better red?
  6. I have the holly berry marcie and it is definitely more red than the peony red. If I learn how to add photos I can add some comparison photos that I have.
  7. That would be great thank you. I know it looked like the hollyberry has more blue undertones which is nice, or is it just a pure red? Worried the peony may be more fuchsia..

  8. I have the hollyberry as well and I would call it a much more true red while the peony is more pink
  9. Thank you so much for clarifying the peony..I think I'll pass on it until I can get a more red one. I did put this one on hold, what do you all think? I went for the other pop of color in blue.

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  10. Love love that! It's a nice pop of blue but I always think that kind of blue can also be used as a neutral. I think that's a good choice!
  11. Or this or blue?

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  12. Oh this is tough, this is more of a brick red and I would say hold out for a red-red if you want red. I say go for blue!
  13. Thank you NikkNak, I want a true read like the old ruby but the store keeps saying to get berry cupcake but it looks wine in some pictures and then pink red in others, so confused!

  14. It's so hard when you know there was a color out there! I ended up finding my hollyberry brand new from bluefly but it was already gone in stores. I might check online if your set on a color like I was! I do like the blue quite a bit, if that helps!
  15. Hi all,

    sorry i'm new to here so i can't start a post, but i got a question and need you guys help.

    I'm in loved with Chloe Aurore duffle bag and found these two


    can any one tell me if they are authentic or fakes?!
    and i would wear both smart causal and causal wear to work, which one would be good for everyday used?!

    thank you!