New to Chloe need feedback

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  1. No cons and no regrets. This is a fav in my rotation. And not noisy at all.

    Maybe take time and stalk eBay, Bonanza and other sites do awhile? Maybe a better deal would seal it for you. Although the blue looks like a great deal.
  2. What do you all think of the lychee color paraty?
  3. Here is the lychee pink.

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  4. I agree I LOVE MY paraty! No issues with it being noisy at all!!
  5. Beautiful color!!
  6. Thank you so much! I decided to order that color, never had a pink bag, can you use it as a neutral?
  7. ....sweets you can truly do as your lil heart desires! Enjoy and Congratulations!!
  8. omg! WHERE is this on sale... :smile: I love the DOVE color, though color transfer can be an issue.

  9. +1. Don't forget a reveal!
  10. Dove is great color, neutral and feminine. A keeper for sure!
  11. Dove and lychee are both great, love them!!! Although I also have question about the hardware stains on the light color bag, anyone know what we can do to cleanse the stain?
  12. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1395243324.074579.jpg
    This the what I meant
  13. i've got the same problem as well and I've only used it for two weeks:sad: does anyone know what can i deal with it?
  14. I have the same issue's. ...sadly!
  15. What do you all think of this one? Honest opinions please..I went back and the dove was sold so now I'm on the hunt. Its called peony red. My only thought is it has pink undertones don't know how I feel about that and the military.. but I do love red.

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